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How many calories will I burn doing a weight lifting workout?

Acording to the machines at my local gym I burn about 800 calories in an hour long workout at the gym. I was wondering how many calories I burn in a similar length session when using the weights machines. I do 3 sets of 10 on about 15 differnet machines.

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2 Responses to “How many calories will I burn doing a weight lifting workout?”

  1. kunu said :

    Not many. Weight training is an anaerobic kind of exercise, not aerobic.

  2. Brianna said :

    You won’t burn as many calories as when you do cardio but you’ll still be burning calories and revving up your metabolism. When weight lifting there are certain exercises that will burn more calories, like squats (the quads are a bigger muscle group) and back exercises. Smaller muscle groups like biceps or triceps won’t burn as many calories but you still probably want to get a good overall body workout. In the weight room the focus is on re-shaping the body and building strength. When you do a combo of cardio and the weight training you will be looking hot and burning more cals. Also, this is probably a no-brainer, but when you are lifting heavier weights you’ll be burning more cals..


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