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How can a girl lose some weight?

I am a 15 year old girl and I don’t necessarily want to lose weight, but I want to tone my body. I have big thighs, a big butt, wide hips, and a bit of a stomach. But I want to do all this in about 6 weeks…Does anyone have any tips on how I can do this? Your answers will be greatly appreciated.

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8 Responses to “How can a girl lose some weight?”

  1. S said :

    put down the twinkie and take a walk.

  2. romrum said :

    there is this one known diet plan
    eat little meals throughout the day for instance when u wake up, eat half a sandwhich about an 1 1/2 later eat the other half
    like that small meals throughout the days dont eat a big meal at once

  3. Ant Boogie™ said :

    It takes 3 things to successful:

    1) A properly designed diet (this is 80% of it)
    2) Lifting weights (this is 10-15% of it)
    3) Cardio (this is 5-10% of it)

    One without the other will always give you unsatisfactory results.

    I can’t tell you what to eat though because you haven’t given us your current body weight. That is what our caloric needs are based on, mainly.

  4. Here2Help said :

    Avoid anything processed, with sugar and fats, basically if its not naturally grown, don’t eat it. Stick to lean protein, less red meat, less starches unless it has fiber like whole wheat bread or brown rice.

    Join the gym, hop on the treadmill for 30-60min. I heard the P90X works very well, its a workout program but very difficult to achieve. IF you can’t join the gym, just buy a workout video and workout at home everyday.

    As long as you’re eating right, control the portions and stay away from unhealthy foods, you should be fine.

  5. willdojo said :

    When we feel hungry 9 times out of 10 we mistake this for being hungry so we eat, however it is often a sign that your body is dehydrated and all you need is a drink. This is what I would do if I was wanting to lose weight in 6 weeks.

    Orange juice (better than Apple, far less calories)
    Poridge (Oats expand in the stomach and leave you feeling fuller, longer with more energy) Make the poridge with water and add a little milk to it after it has been made. Making it with water rather than milk can take off 300 calories per serving.

    Firstly try NOT to snack, If you feel hungry drink a hot drink such a tea or coffee, these are both apertite supressants and will take away the hunger pangs. However if you REALLY feel like you need something than eat fruit. BUT be careful, there are alot of calories in Bananas! Never touch bananas lol. I would reccomend Strawberrys, theyre something like 17 calories per strawberry, and if you take your time eating them you will feel fuller longer.

    TIP- IT TAKES 20 MINUTES FROM STARTING EATING TILL IT HITS YOUR STOMACH AND YOU DONT FEEL HUNGRY!!! Most people dont know this and they eat till they are full. NEVER DO THIS as your brain will not know that youre eating untill after 20 mins. So only eat a little and then wait for 30 mins, if you are still hngry then eat more, but the trick is waiting.

    It really depends on what you like to eat, diets only work if you are eating the food which you enjoy. If you starve yourself of the food that you crave you will slip and binge in all these things that you shouldnt be eating IE Chocolate, Crisps….etc.
    So say you like chicken….go for the chicken, but have it baked in the over or steamed if you have a steamer, not fried, and dont eat the skin, the skin is fattening! More so than the chicken itself.
    If you want a macdonalds or a fast food of some kind, eat the burger but dont eat the bun. In single slice of bread there can be up to 170 calories.
    If you eat bread and dont want to cut it out there is a make called Nimble bread, you can get it from all supermarkets and it is only 70 calories per slice, so you can still enjoy sandwiches.

    Dinner should be the same as lunch but preferelably cooked from home, try to cut down using oils and always steam as much a you can.

    I find that drinking water helps alot. Freezing cold water speeds up your metabolism as it cools your body down and your body works harder to warm itself back up.

    So i have told you what to eat and how to cook. Firstly I think that you need to write down how much weight you want to lose, and why. Set up weekly goals and stick to a meal plan. Write down everything that you eat. They say to lose weight you should idealy cut your daily calories in half. For a woman this is 2500 normally and halfed would be 1250. If you find this too much of a drop its ok, just start at 2000 cals and gradularly reduce your intake over the next few weeks.

    I find that light regular exercise that you enjoy works best. Try walking more, doing house work with music on that you enjoy, something with a good bbeat to make you do it faster. Swimming is great and you can always go with friends. Make sure you only do CARDIO work outs tho, those ones that work your heart. Any others will build muscle and will obviously lead to weight gain because muscle weighs more than fat.

    Good luck and sorry for running on so long.
    Just be healthy, balance it out, dont over exercise, stop when you want and make goals for yourself and lastly and most mportanantly do not deny yourself of those ‘bad’ foods because it will only make you want it more and instead of eating a few squares of chocolate you will eat the whole huge bar!

  6. Veronica said :

    Yoga! Do yoga for about an hour every day or every other day and you’ll tone!

    good luck!

  7. Dale said :

    eat a red apple 15 minutes before dinner, it will not make you gain weight its very healthy and you can start on sit ups and tredmill helps too

  8. Zaniya said :

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