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How to lose body fat fast?

I’m pretty healthy i can run, and lift weights and keep up with all the other guys who have less body fat than 8% but i cant get a body like theirs i dont know what to do. I have the strength and muscle mass but i dont know how to burn off the fat. Since im a guy its mainly around my stomach and i want that chizzled body. Can anyone help?

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2 Responses to “How to lose body fat fast?”

  1. foodpyramidguru said :

    Believe me.

    I’ve hit 10 pounds / 2 weeks. Because eat food pyramid plans.

    Confirm ! !

  2. Shanamax B said :

    Maybe you need to take a look at what your eating – to trim that extra fat off. There’s some info on the site below I found. Cheers.


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