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So how do I lose stomach fat fast?

Okay, so Im Not fat, but I have just a tiny tiny bit of stomach fat on the lower part of my stomach & I strive for perfection on my body so Id like to get rid of that as soon as possiblee. Ive been doing 8 minute abs & plan to do that for a couple months every day. But is there anything to make that go Alot faster? 🙂 Thankss.

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3 Responses to “So how do I lose stomach fat fast?”

  1. whatTHEfact said :

    watch what you eat and tons of situps!

  2. melissa m said :

    Cardio cardio cardio! and cut soda and food with a lot of salt. If you really want to drop go down to a raw or vegan diet – but it’s a lifestyle change not just a quick fix and DO NOT go on crazy diets – they are bad for your health and will only make you gain weight in the end.

    Ab workouts will only build your muscle which will make your little bit of tummy fat stick out farther – there is no such thing as a spot workout, they don’t work.

    Seriously though – jogging/ elliptical/ and workout that will engage your core while burning calories will help you firm up.

    Good luck!! 🙂

  3. The Wild Man said :

    Let the Lil Jack Exercise video help you


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