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What can you suggest for me to eat if I want to lose body fat fast?

I am a mother of a 1 and 2 years old and I work 40 hours a week.
I just recently started working out 2 weeks ago doing 45 minutes of cardio 7 days a week by running in my hilly neighborhood pushing my kids in a stroller.
I also do crunches and leg lifts 5 times a week.
I’ve only lost like 3 lbs, but I can see my stomach is flatter and my legs are a little more toned.
I joined a gym today, so I think I have the workouts covered.

BUT, what should I eat to get more toned and lose the body fat fast?!
My deadline is October 11th (someone is visting then)
I am 5’2 and weigh 123.
I would like to be back down to 110 (my preganancy weight) by November.
(I was 174 the day I gave birth to my son!!!)

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16 Responses to “What can you suggest for me to eat if I want to lose body fat fast?”

  1. bgee2001ca said :

    Very little of anything.

  2. ben t said :

    Have some salad and do not drink pop water is your freind.

  3. padawan1481 said :

    Snack on celery sticks and salmon on whole wheat bread.

  4. Julia P said :

    Celery has negative calories. You could try snacking on it whenever you get hungry and it will help curb your appetite.

  5. Jonathan G said :

    I am a wrestler and i used to weigh 220. now i weigh 145 and the best thing that worked for me is eating a salad b4 every meal and lots of lean meat b/c the protein will fill u up. also, eat whole grains.

  6. Lala said :

    It’s really good that you’re getting fit, you seem really motivated BUT you are working your body way too hard! You should be doing cardio 3, maximum 4 times a week, stick to walking on the other days. Don’t try to lose that much weight in such a short period of time, it’s really unhealthy and you’ll end up putting the weight back on again.
    To lose weight make sure you eat enough – otherwise you could end up bingeing. Eat loads of vegetables, fruit, fibrous food, no white bread or pasta. Try replacing dairy products with soya. Eat regularly but make sure you leave enough time between meals to properly digest the food.
    Take it slowly, your health is more important than your weight.

  7. jackibear said :

    You’ve come a long way from 174. Be proud of yourself for that accomplishment. It’s great that you’ve joined a gym, it seems like you are on the right track. Just be sensible about your diet. Stick with lean protein, fruits and veggies. You don’t want to cut out carbs completely, but eat carbs with more nutrients in them (brown rice, high fiber cereals, whole wheat breads), and remember to drink a LOT of water. Good Luck!

  8. Julianne G said :

    well, i think if you want to lose wight you should change your eating habits. eat a lot of fruits and veggies, because those have less calories than other common snack foods. instead of grabbing a bag of chips from a vending machine, go for a fruit at home. if you change your eating habits and stick to it, you can reward yourself by eating more unhealthy things at parties and other gathering things.

  9. jj_zads40 said :

    You need to be eating a minimum of 1400-1500 calories per day, even when dieting. Try to eat 5-6 small meals a day, consisting of fiber (which will help you feel full), lean proteins (chicken, turkey, lean seafood), whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

    You’ll want to avoid things that contained added, refined sugars. A good tip is to look on the label – if it’s supposed to be one of your healthy foods make sure it has less than 5g of sugar per serving, and even better would be less than 3g!!

    Good snacks can include low fat string cheese, whole grain crackers, celery and carrot sticks, grapes, etc. You always want to be mixing fiber, protein, and carbs into each meal.

  10. babi zoe said :

    eat a lot of vegetable and none starchy food. don’t eat late at night. and stay away from fatty food. don’t do soda or ice water just do regular fruit juice and none icy water eat a lot of fruit. and you should be ok,

  11. dogsaysmoo said :

    Good for you getting the workout part covered. That really is the key to all of this, and it’s the hardest part. As far as diet, don’t starve yourself. You need to keep yourself nourished, especially with the exercise.

    Here are a few things to stay away from:
    Junk food – chips, pretzels, cookies, candy
    Soda, pop, whatever you want to call it.
    Look at ingredients, stay away from high fructose corn syrup – its sugar, but the way its processed makes it hard for your body to process

    Here’s what you should eat:
    Balanced complete meals
    You need protein – meat, chicken, fish (really good for you), beans, nuts, tofu
    You do need a little bit of fat believe it or not – you can get this through meat, nuts or by cooking with olive oil
    You need carbohydrates, that’s how your body gets energy – pasta, rice, bread, potatoes. Consume these in moderation, too much and your body stores the extra energy as fat.
    Eat fruits and vegetables
    Try to eat only at meal times, but if you must snack, go with fruits or vegetable like carrots or celery sticks

  12. karenmsarna said :

    Congrats on getting back into shape!

    You lose body fat only one way- by consistently consuming less calories than your body needs on a daily basis.This is called a “calorie deficit.” You create a calorie deficit by eating less calories than your body needs and/or by exercising. Let’s say you need 2500 calories per day just to maintain your weight. By eating 2000 calories a day (or eating 2200 calories and burning 200 calories by doing exercise) you will create a calorie deficit of 500 calories a day. There are 3500 calories in a pound of body fat. After 7 days, you will have lost a pound.

    A trainer or nutritionist can calculate the number of calories your body needs per day….it all depends on your height, weight, activity level, and age.

    You can get a rough idea here:

    Keep your diet high in protein…lean cuts of red meat, chicken and turkey are all good choices. Eat plenty of vegetables…a salad or broth-based soup before meals is good too, since it will fill you up. Try to spread your meals into 5-6 smaller meals a day instead of 2-3 large ones.

    Don’t drop your calories below 1200 a day….that causes your body to enter “starvation mode” and will make losing weight even more difficult for you.

  13. Makaveli said :

    This worked for me and now i have less than 5% body fat. Every time you eat ONLY eat these things. 1 eat some kind of protien (meat, tofu, eggs) Best to eat lean protien-stuff without fat like egg whites or lean steak or chicken or fish.
    2 eat what personal trainers call complex carbs. Fruits and veggies. Really any kind you want they are pretty much all good. I like brocoli, lots of green veggies, When it comes to fruit try to get a mix of different colors. I like to make a fruit salad, with strawberries, blueberrys, bananas, mangos, cantalope, honey dew melon. etc. Buy the fruits with the darkest colors that way they have had the most sun exposure and have the most nutrients. Same with veggies dark green is better than light green.
    3 eat fats. Not any kind of fats good healthy fats. Like extra virgin olive oil, almonds, nuts, avacado.

    Every time you eat count 1, 2, 3 Make sure you get all three in each meal. And nothing else. Mix it up so you dont always eat the same thing. I know it sounds wierd but eat equal amounts of each. Its sounds bad to eat a lot of fat, but your body needs it to loose fat.
    Eat when you are hungry and eat to you are full then stop. And dont eat again till you are hungry. I usually eat between 3 to 4 times a day.
    Drink lots of water.
    Picture inside your body is a empty bookshelf. It is a place where your body stores nutrients. When you eat you might only be filling half of your shelves so you still feel hungry even tho you have had a lot of calories.
    When you eat this 1, 2, 3 way you fill all the shelves and actually eat less calories. Trust me this works every time.
    An example of a snack can be 3 egg whites, half of an avacado, and a big handfull of blueberrys. Then wash it down with a glass of water. You will be satisfied after that. Then you can substatute things like next time you can eat fish, brocoli and a handfull of almonds. Not heavily salted almonds whole natural stuff is best.
    Just remember 1,2,3 and eat eqaul amounts of all 3. For every bite of fish you have, eat 1 bite of fruits/veggies, and one bite of fat.

    I garuntee you will lose fat. It wont be as fast as starving yourself, but it is very healthy and you will feel better than ever, and lose all your fat.
    Picture it as each time you eat this it is the highest power diet pill in the world. You dont need supplements. If you are taking them stop and just eat this way.

  14. kestrelk8 said :

    if you aren’t big on cooking or find it too difficult to cook separate meals for yourself AND then ones for your family, i would suggest a food delivery system like nutrisystem or deliciously yours. if you find cooking/meal prep is not a 11am-problem then here’s what i would suggest to you:

    am-1 med apple and 1 tbsp almond butter
    1pm-water packed tuna (1 serving), 1.5 c spinach leaves, 2 sliced radishes, grated carrot, balsamic vinegar
    3pm-protein shake with: 1/4 c oatmeal, 1 tbsp ground flaxseed, 1 nana, 1 c skim milk or soy milk, 1 scoop whey powder
    5pm-1 med apple
    7pm- frozen kashi meal
    9am-3/4 cup high fiber cereal, 1/2c skim milk
    11am-1 pear and tbsp pb
    1pm-tuna, with celery, green pepper, green onions, 2 peices crisp bread
    3pm-1/2 protein bar (powerbar or muscle milk bar)
    5pm-1/2c oatmeal w/ 1/4 c unsweet apple sauce
    7pm- 1 grilled chicken breast seasoned to taste w/ 1/2cup long grain brown rice
    4 eggwhites w/ 1 whole grain toast
    protein shake: 1/2 avacado,1/2 c raspberries, 1 scp whey, 1 cup water
    1pm-1 skim string cheese + handful red grapes
    3pm-1/2 protein bar
    5pm-1 apple w/ 1tbsp almond butter
    7pm-ground turkey, organic pasta sauce, 1 bell pepper, 1 cup sliced mushrooms, 1 onion, over 1.5 cup whole wheat pasta
    9am-2 van gourmets blue berry waffles w/tbsp almond butter
    11am 3 deli turkey slices and 1 orange
    1pm1/2 protein bar
    3pm slice of frittata (make sure the recipe you use is loaded with veggies and use only eggwhites!
    5pm-unlimited mixed raw veggies
    7pm- frozen kashi meal

    so this is just an example for you to get the hang of it. mix and match as desired.

  15. lynda said :


  16. Pete Landon said :

    Good advice Julia P. .. your right, you are what you eat.


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