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Whats the best way to lose stomach fat fast?!?

I used to do a few lots of exercise a week and lost some general weight, but recently ive not had alot of time so have just been doing some toning exercises, and i can see good effects on my arms and legs and sides but i cant seem to get anywhere with the main belly fat! Is there any good way to start getting that sorted?! I eat fairly healthily and dont have a huge calorie consumption….Help please!

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4 Responses to “Whats the best way to lose stomach fat fast?!?”

  1. Jahleel S said :

    If doughnuts and bread are part of ur diet right now, chill out on it and eat high fiber stuff

  2. sheron said :

    Hey, I took this organic raw pill Fat Free tablet and it worked for me great,
    Here is there web site I bought it from.
    Its 100% natural ingredients.

  3. Little Star said :

    To lose stomache fat and tone up the stomache your better off doing this :

    (1) running as this helps you loose weight in the tummy area
    (2) Push ups using a Gym Ball
    (3) Breathe in for 10 Seconds and breathe out with short breaths this helps to tone up stomache.

    You will not see improvement if you do not keep up with these. Good Luck

  4. Jon Michaels said :


    Forget everything you know about losing belly fat, because you’re doing it wrong. Have you actually lost any significant weight in a short period of time? I doubt you have, quite simply you’re eating the wrong foods and doing the wrong exercises.

    How do I know this?

    I’ve been a fitness instructor for quite some time now, even with all this knowledge about Health and Fitness, I’ve had trouble with my belly. For some reason, no matter how many sit-ups, crunches or cardio I did, I just didn’t know how to lose belly fat. Needless to mention that I’ve tried every diet you could possibly imagine, from boiled cabbage to liquid only, all with absolutely no success.

    Why people try to lose belly fat

    Despite how hard it is to lose belly fat, this doesn’t deter people from trying to get rid of it for numerous reasons, health, appearance etc… For me, I live in Australia and in Australia we have some of the best beaches in the world. Now having a flabby belly in summer just isn’t a good thing, especially if you’re a fitness instructor. Oddly enough, what most people don’t realise is that, although they may have a flabby belly, what lies underneath is rock-hard abdominal muscles.

    Yes, that’s right. Most people and I do honestly mean most, have killer, rock-hard abdominal muscles. There’s just one problem, they also have a layer of fat over the top covering them up. This is why a lot of people want to know the valuable secret of how to lose belly fat.

    So how did you figure out how to lose belly fat?

    Well, after much trial and error I checked my emails one day, when a fellow fitness instructor emailed me about an exciting new eBook called The Truth About Six Pack Abs, it was written by a man called Mike Geary. Mike is a registered nutritionist and fitness instructor, he had condensed all his knowledge on how to lose belly fat into one single book.

    Basically, The Truth About Six Pack Abs will show you how to lose belly fat and keep it off, not only that it contains hidden secrets about how to gain a six pack. Such secrets that nobody else really knows about. Just don’t let the name fool you, it isn’t a hard-core fitness manual that aims to force you to go to the gym, no no no. It is a well thought-out guide to correct you diet, boost your metabolism and have you burning fat likes there’s no tomorrow.

    The question everybody wants to know, does it work?

    In my experience it does work, I’ve been able to successfully lose 10lb of ugly belly fat in a very short period of time. In fact, as a fitness instructor I’ve referred some of my clients to the course and they’ve started to see results. One of my clients is a 43 year-old banker and he has quite a big belly on him, after 9 short weeks he’s lost close to 30lb and you can even begin to see some of his abdominal muscles, not bad for a 43 year-old man, aye?

    Just imagine it though, one day, you go to the beach with all your friends and you take off your shirt. All your friends think, oh yeah here comes the flabby belly and they are left looking at your sexy, hard abs and all you did to achieve this was simply lose some belly fat by changing your food choices. In fact, you can even lie to them and say you spent all summer in the gym, working your arse off when in fact all you did was change a few little food choices.

    Get rid of that unattractive belly fat now:


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