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i want 2 lose body fat pretty fast. any help?

im 13, 5’7, and about 128-130 lbs. i do cardio for about 15-20 minutes a day, plus i work-out for about 30 minutes a day. i hate dieting (i mean i’ll eat a salad, but i dont like doing that consecutively). any help for me 2 get down 2 about 7 or 8% so i/girls can most definitly see my 6 pack. help on loseing body fat plz!
i meant losing

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9 Responses to “i want 2 lose body fat pretty fast. any help?”

  1. Person said :

    Increase your cardio for about another 15 minutes.
    And after some belly fat is gone off, crunches work well for buildign abs.

  2. trade4more2000 said :

    Dieting is about math . if u take in moire rthan u burn it turns into fat. Take it from here. GL

  3. Sarah said :

    cardio is key but so is diet and weight lifting. make sure you do some cardio to burn the fat, build muscle everywhere on your body which will speed up your metabolism, and stay away from sodas, junk food, lots of fatty foods, and if you have bread/pasta make sure it’s whole wheat.

  4. KD said :

    More cardio is your best bet. Try to eat less sugar and more white meat than red meat (doesn’t have to be a diet, just be smart)

  5. clueless said :

    come on, you’re 13. get serious on looking good when you’re beginning college.

  6. Zone said :

    You should have ab definition by now, you should put on more muscle.

  7. abfabinri said :

    No Carbs for few days–This will eliminate a lot of the water weight.

  8. tiger325 said :

    It doesn’t sound like you need to lose weight but In order to lose weight you have to decrease calorie intake and increase cardio workout to burn excess fat . A minimum of 200 crunches a day. This site is great if you are interested.

    All The Best

  9. Calcyfir said :

    Thats a very good schedule. Also drink a lot of water. Dont worry, a lot of girls like a guy whos not fat or thin, and he doesnt have to have a six pack. 🙂 Good luck!


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