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I weigh 130pounds, how can I lose fat fast ?? Does drinking dieters green tea help to detox the body?

What procedures can I follow for losing weight, my goal is to lose 10pounds. and how long will it take me? does detox green tea help me, its been 2weeks and since then Ive cut my bad eating habits and I personally have noticed my body a lil bit slimmer .. what steps should I follow and how can I burn more fat fast ?? ..especially my lower back and arms ?? I promise all advice/feedback I recieve I will follow …thanks !!

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4 Responses to “I weigh 130pounds, how can I lose fat fast ?? Does drinking dieters green tea help to detox the body?”

  1. rockgirl said :

    like creig ferguson always says- eat less move around more. p.s. if your 130 you don’t need to lose any weight unless your 12.

  2. Professional Driver said :

    promise,huh? we’ll see

    white bread
    white rice
    white potatoes
    lima beans

    sweet potatoes
    dark breads [ in moderation ]
    wild or brown rice
    more veggies [ cept corn & lima beans as they are bread products. what do you think tortillas are made from ]

    plenty of exercise,3 times daily

    this is your basic diabetic diet but will work wonders for everybody who needs to control their weight


    as Yoda says,”there is NO try ! only DO there is !”

  3. vicki p said :

    what makes you think that you need to lose weight,count yourself lucky i,m trying to lose weight for heath should look at the chart it would tell you.ur going to end up being bulima or something.Trying being obese its not fun you try to exercise and people make fun of you because ur trying

  4. tomatoesarewonderful said :

    Green tea definitely boosts the metabolism, many people drink it each day for all of its other benefits as well. Other rules to follow: Keeping busy and not snacking, but not starving yourself. That will not work. You can eat your most calorie rich foods early in the day and have a light calorie supper. You are going to burn them off faster if you do that. Eat natural sugars (fruit) instead of trash. Eating more natural stuff in general., actually. Boost your metabolism by walking and exercising more. Stick to a plan and don’t quit if you don’t see results right away. Sometimes it takes a minute. I dropped 15 pounds I was dying to shed when I started walking everywhere and stopped eating so much restaurant food, end of story. I never stopped eating what I want, but I cut out a lot of extra stuff I did not need to be consuming. The walking really did it though! OK that’s all from me


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