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Who lost significant weight by drinking green tea?

I am wondering if drinking green tea helps in losing weight. I have tried this myself and it turned out that it really helps.
What about you? Have you lost weight? How much weight?
Thank you in advance

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3 Responses to “Who lost significant weight by drinking green tea?”

  1. Leah M said :

    The only way drinking green tea will help you lose weight is if you drink really sweet tea or coffee and substitute it for green tea. The only other way of losing weight with it is through removing water weight which is sneaky because it isn’t real weight and you’ll put it straight back on.

  2. Sui said :

    i drink green tea a lot i like the taste not for weight loss but i never had any weight loss with it either. 3-4 cups everyday.

  3. Dr Frank said :

    Green tea is nice and refreshing however it contributes nothing to weight loss.


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