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will tennis help me work out my whole body and lose weight fast?

i found out it’s impossible to try some diet or keep up with an exercise plan so i wanted to try something fun and since my mom won’t let me take hip hop class i think i’ll just play tennis which was one of my options!
what do you think
(i might keep up with gymnastics to but definitely tennis)it’s really fun and i just want to lose weight and get back to my skinny self i’m not that big but i want to lose the fat before it’s to late and i’m really big

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6 Responses to “will tennis help me work out my whole body and lose weight fast?”

  1. Malesa W said :

    It should work out for you. Tennis has a lot of fast action and moving. If you do it you will big time get plenty of exercise,any other sport will give you good exercise too.

  2. Jordan23 said :

    Yeah you could lose a lot of weight if you try tennis. Tennis you have to move around a lot. You have to use mostly your entire body from wrist to toes. The reason tennis is a good sport to lose weight is because you are not running around, but side stepping using your feet. Try Tennis it is really fun and good luck with the weight

  3. Eddie said :

    Tennis is a good exercise. To expend big calories though per hour, you have to almost play competitive tennis. Leisurely rally does not expend more calories compared to lets say, running, in the same amount of time. But definitely, it’s a good way to start to control weight gain. It’s a good lifetime sport as well. You can play until you’re 90 year old. I used to play with my 85 year old professor. He was very good and fit. Keep it up and welcome to the sport.

  4. soccerbabe2417 said :

    tennis definately wors out your whole body i play and it keeps me in shape and has helped me lose wieght
    not only does it keep you healthy but it is extremely fun i love tennis it is definately my favorite sport

  5. ninja said :

    Tennis will help you transition to losing more weight. Look at it as a motivator.

    It doesn’t help you shed all the fat from your body but it does enable you to do harder workouts in the future. You’ll notice that you’ll lose 2-3 pounds a week if you play 4-5 times a week (for me that how it was) without changing my diet.

    It makes you stronger little by little so that you can start doing harder workouts. Playing tennis alone won’t shed fat all over your body so you still have to put time into strength training and running along with playing tennis if you really want to get rid of that fat.

  6. Moses said :

    Well yeah tennis will help your weight loss. this year i started playing tennis. ihave 3 months so far i lost 40 pounds and still lossing weight, currently im at 157 and im 16. Well good luck and Tennis is the best sport.


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