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How does a 11 year old lose weight when they weigh 175 pounds?

My daughter is 11 turning 12 and she weighs 175 pounds. How can she lose weight? She’s embarrassed about her body. HELP!

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16 Responses to “How does a 11 year old lose weight when they weigh 175 pounds?”

  1. Mark said :

    christ, people like you aren’t qualified to breed

  2. [Aly.][<3] said :

    Eat Fruits/Vegetables.
    Enroll her in extracurricular activities- such as soccer, volleyball, ect.
    Make sure she doesn’t starve herself, eat healthy!

  3. The Goose! said :

    Get active, smaller food portion and healthy food changes in her diet. No soda, no candy and no fast food for awhile.

  4. Rubinov said :

    stop feeding her junk food, instead do not let her eat after 5pm, put her outside in the park where she can play lots of sports, or my personal favorite buy her an ipod and make her run 30 min a day. she should loose 5lbs a week with this diet. after two months she could loose 40lbs and weigh 135 and look decent, and actually impressive…but hey…many people don’t want to pay that price and would rather look disgusting(no offense). Hope it helps 😉

  5. Nintendork said :

    Get her outside, encourage sports, teach her smart eating, every little bit helps. Especially sports. When i played sports, i could lose weight without giving up food. Try volleyball or softball. if she gets in sports at a young age it’ll be all the better later.

  6. hey down there said :

    you know this is your fault right?
    when she asked for the 14th hot dog for the day, you shouldnt have gave it to her.

  7. fatmansergeant said :

    Wow! I have a 12 year old who is too skinny, but also very active. He weighs about 85 pounds. I will answer later. Have to go out now.

    First off, what kind of example are you setting for your child? That’s really where it starts. Kids tend to emulate their parents. Or secondly, is your child eating more because there are other underlying problems emotionally or physiologically. Has the weight gain been over a short period of time or just life in general? All questions only you can answer. Focus on losing about 2-3 pounds a week. That is manageable weight loss. People who lose a lot more on a weekly basis tend to have more issues with keeping the weight off permanently.

    Eat three balanced meals a day. And definitely don’t skip breakfast. And not just sugar cereal and pop tarts. Oatmeal, fruit, and whole grain cereals without sugar are some of the best. Quaker Oats weight control oatmeal is filling and great tasting as well. Even frosted shredded wheat is better than most sugar cereals even though it has sugar, it also promotes good intenstinal movement.

    Sack lunches instead of the meals at school. No soda or at least limit the amount of soda (diet and regular). Pop should be the reward not the norm. Push the water. Too often kids drink pop and sugar flavored drinks because they are thirsty. cut out the caffeine! Kids have enough energy and a high metabolic rate without needing caffeine. All the caffeine does for them is cause them to want more, shut down their normal adrenal gland functions, and more.

    Make nutritious suppers. I don’t agree with no meals after 5 pm or anything to eat after that time especially if exercizing in the evenings. But definitely cut down on any food intake after 8 pm. Healthy snacks. Our counter always has apples, bananas, and oranges sitting on it in a basket. Are they more expensive than other snacks. Sure, but they are also more nutritious and filling. You might satisfy the sugar rush with a candy bar, but it will disappear more quickly as well.

    Exercise. At least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise 4-5 days a week. Some of it can be fun for the kids, but some of it will have to be a little work. I make my son do odd jobs with me on my day off. Sometimes that includes mowing, other times he helps me clean up around yards picking up the sticks, etc. But he keeps moving and that’s the key. His other chores around the house include watering the garden, taking clothes off the line and folding them, and more. Through everything he’s constantly on the move and staying active. I see too many kids who all they know is Computer games, playstation, and TV. A lady at the store the other day was buying a Wii for her overweight daughter to exercise with. ?????? Whatever happened to just going outside, moving around, and enjoying the world? Better for you, and less expensive as well. I also have my son take the dog outside and play with her in the yard for 20-30 minutes a day. If you don’t have a pet, how about an older neighbor who might need their dog walked?

    One shouldn’t be embarrassed about their body. We all have our particular body styles, genetics, etc. that we have to live with. But obviously your child still has time to make choices that will ultimately impact the rest of their life. You just need to be there to support them in each and every way you can.

  8. SoScared said :

    Your serious, right??
    Try one of those eating losing weight things..
    Tell her to go out for a jog everyday. Push her.
    Don’t give her a billion candy bars.
    Lay off the candy bars =]

  9. Mike said :

    whoa, i bet she feels terrible about herself at that weight (no offence meant) :S
    Anyway, the best thing to do would be to restrict her eating to just 3 normal (for an 11 year old) sized meals a day, with a balanced diet. no matter how much she complains, convince her to stick to it. Also, regular exercise is good, play football, or go running, or swimming, or even go walk around a park (walking is the best form of exercise in large amounts! 🙂 ), just make sure that she is doing something physical. Start off small, and increase the amount of exercise as she begins to lose weight. If you follow this, then she’ll definately lose all the extra weight and gain confidence in herself 🙂

  10. Bill said :

    run run run run

  11. Martha said :

    yes they can lose weigh she kinda needs to. she can eat more healthy and do more exercise.

  12. Alex said :

    Get your entire family to eat healthy. Say that you have been slacking and you want some support from everybody else.

    Start off in increments:

    instead of chips or candy, by cereal

    instead of pop, by juice or flavored water

    instead of mashed potatoes, have a salad or fresh veggies

    instead of pizza from domino’s, make a healthier pizza together

    instead of buying her lunch at school, pack everyone a lunch saying that you are trying to save money and that you just read an article about how healthy school food really is

    instead of popcorn or chips when you watch a movie, buy everyone a bottle water and bring a pack of gum for everyone

    instead of watching tv all day: go outside for half an hour. make it mandatory

  13. realtyguy215 said :

    I have some info for you, if you want it. I did Hip Hop Abs with
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    Oh well…
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  14. Lindzi said :

    I am 14 years old and weighed 140 lbs. My mom said i needed to lose weight and so all i did was watched my empty calories and just plain calories and also i was very active in fact i ran a mile every other day and lost 2 lbs every week. I have lost 12 lbs so far and am every unmoody and am always in a happy mood so just being active and eating very good foods ( be very varied and keep lots of fruit around the house) I also drank a Liter of water everyday so you could buy her a very large water bottle and have her drink at least one bottle of that per day.

  15. supertramp said :

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  16. Brooke M said :

    Tell her to excersize and eat better. Dont starve though

  17. mironenko_1986u said :


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