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How can my 11 year old daughter lose weight?

My daughter is11 years old. She is 4’5, and weighs 110. I already checked her in with a doctor and they said she was overweight. How can she lose weight? It’s winter right now, and it’s too cold to walk or run outside. In summer, she is humiliated to wear a tank top or a bathing suit. All of her friends are skinny and she gets jealous. I feel really bad looking at her sad face every time. How can she lose weight but trying to be fun?

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11 Responses to “How can my 11 year old daughter lose weight?”

  1. The real Knight Rider said:

    Start buying and feeding her healthier food. Get her involved in a sport like soccer, or karate. That alone should be enough to turn her into a happy healthy kid.

  2. davidusa95 said:

    Take her dancing or some kind of sports she enjoys

  3. fashiongirl13 said:

    well since shes too young to go to like any gym

    i would try to get a tredmill for her, and have her do sit-ups and that should work

  4. mismia38 said:

    first i would say to check her thyroid i have a thyroid problem and weight is an issue but other than that just walk with her work out with her it helps if u do things with her also ger her out of the house she needs to know that looks are not everything

  5. Seeker said:

    Male her pay for her own foods. I lose a lot of weight since I live by myself and have to paid for my own food.

  6. *i go by mommy* said:

    what types of food does she eat? She could cut back on the junk food if she eats that alot. Also, I know this may seem kind of a strange idea for an 11 yr old but my mother & I went to curves together to work out & we had a lot of fun. It gave us time to bond & get in shape. They help you reach your weight goal. Another suggestion would be to get those exercise videos that have dancing involved while shedding some weight. Good luck

  7. Tanner B said:

    I was an overweight kid, and the thing that helped me the most was my dad’s support in my weight loss. He helped me by developing a healthy lifestyle along with me. We ran together, we went to the gym together, and we both ate better. It helped us bond, and I’ve kept all the weight I lost off for 12 years.

  8. Kate said:

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  9. Chinawomen said:

    It is very hard for a young person to be overweight and see your own friends pretty and healthy. I was like that in my teen years I got tough love from my mom but it helped me lose 30 pounds. I ate healthy and exercised very hard, treadmill, dancing in my room, different activities that helped me stay active. What about buying her the Wii fitness? It is fun and inspires for you to keep going. I wish you and your daughter the best.

  10. amy b said:

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  11. The C said:

    Cut down on all the junk food and go out for walks, or ride with her.


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