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How can a 13 1/2 year old boy lose weight fast?

I do not need any of the following crap…
1.)You will grow into it, give it time
2.)Looks don’t matter
3.)Your a kid, enjoy life.

I need to lose weight fast, and I have no access to machinery. The only excersize I can do is running/manual workouts. I would also like to do a food diet. It is especially difficult considering I have to go to school, and I have no option what or when I eat there. Please help.

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5 Responses to “How can a 13 1/2 year old boy lose weight fast?”

  1. A P said :

    Make time for running and do weights to slim up.
    Drink lots and lots of water… lay off the soda..
    Get enough fiber, dont snack a lot.. only when needed.
    When you eat at school portion your meals..

  2. redfelipe said :

    Walk, and do crunches and pushups. Like in the morning and before bed. But don’t cheat – keep yourself straight on pushups, go up arms fully extended. Start at 5 or however many you can do and add 1 pushup every day.

    Also walk, jog, etc. The usual.

    Don’t eat giant meals. Remember, if you’re really hungry, eat something, then wait about 20 minutes. That’s how long it takes for the brain to get the message that you ate.

    Drink low-fat milk. And get a lot of sleep. People burn up a lot of energy when they sleep, actually. And as a result of lower stress from plenty of sleep, you’ll tend to carry around fewer pounds.

  3. malcom said :

    For your kind remembrance dear,
    u r not still growing,then how can you fix your idle weight

  4. Angel D. said :

    Ok. First I won’t give you any ‘crap’. I like that your strait forward. IF you are indeed overweight for you age and height then I will give you the following adive. First, you should be eating 5 to 6 small meals a day. This raises your metalbolism which will help your body burn fat faster. Seconed, you need plenty of cardio. Which is walking and running. Seconed you need to lift weights. The more lean muscle you have the more it burns fat. There is a vitemen supplement I take that works like a charm. Its called gaba. Make sure you research this supplement completely as there are some people with health issues that can not take it. This supplement is used by body builders because it burns fat and builds lean muscle five times faster than just eating right and exersising. Here is an example diet for a day. Morning: Eat 2 whole grain waffles with sliced strawberrys and a teaspoon of syrup and Water. Midmorning Snack: Raw carrots or celery and Water (any other raw vegetable you like) Lunch: 1/2 Tuna fish sandwhich (low fat, low calorie mayo) apple (other serving of fruit) and Water. Mid afternoon snack: Serving of raw vegie or v8 juice and Water. Dinner: Turkey burger with sweet potatoe fries. (small serving of fries due to sugar content) Water. Later evening snack: Low fat Angel food cake with fat free vanilla yougurt on top with strawberrys and Water. (or other fruit if desired). Notice all the water. Very important. The most important thing I can tell you is not to consider this a diet at all. This is is change in lifestyle. A change in the way you look at food. Your doing this for you body. Its the only one you have so take care of it. Get plenty of exersize and plenty of sleep. Keep a positve attitude an build lean muscle. If you do this you can’t go wrong. Don’t starve yourself because if you do your telling you body to go into starvation mode and to hang onto all the fat it can to live off of. You have to eat a lot but responsibly to build a strong, steady motabolism. This will keep your body burning fat constantly. You must also give your body an outlet to burn that fat. Don’t become obsessive. Just change your attitude. Your body is a temple. You should treat it as such! Good Luck. If you need any other advice feel free to email me!

  5. Mohamed D said :

    First of all i apreciate your eager to become slim.
    there are two matters when you thinking your weight to lose.

    The First is the exercise, but it should be correct and appropriate and not overtrain.As you say machinary and equipments are must not.

    the second one is food control.
    first we analys the exersize.Without exercise and diet control we cannot lose weight. so i give you small introduction about exercise or body building. we can built a body fat from slim as well as slim from musculer.if you want your body big you have to do weight training such as squats and push ups and press ups with weight. IF YOU WANT YOUR FAT LOSE YOU HAVE TO DO AEROBICS training such as running.
    Only Running Enogh for your weight lose, but you have to do it scientificcally accepted method. Assume you are begin today(i know you are doing running everyday now. i just told you assume)five minuts run sowly and take some time rest and run slowly five minutes and rest and again run five minutes. Total running time is fifteen minits its enough for the first day, the second day you make it twenty minutes dont forget to take rest in between them one or two minutes.step by step daybyday increase five minutes.and stop with in your total workout time fifty minutes. dont do any kind of exercise more than fifty minutes. within fifty minutes you can reduse your rest time by continuiosly doing. YOU HAVE TO RUN WHEN YOU GET UP YOU HAVE TO RUN WITHOUT EATING. YOU CAN DRINK SMALL,in between the workout also you can drink small. small only. if you like i tell you how it works. when we get up the stomach is empty and our energies consumed from our body calories.after you run more than fourty minutes only the body fat is began to burn out from the body as energy to run. Run slowly only. keep your heart beating rate high continusly. you can take rest between the workout untill the heart beat ready to comes normal.
    Beleive me everyday aerobics is no need,it make your body tired and its needless.
    About the diet eat what you like healthy. dont take oily foods and fat calories enriched product such as cokes.
    take protein enriched food like eggs white side and chicken little.
    if you dont understand from my answer try to get answer from
    knowing about nutrition, calories, muscles and fitness.


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