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How can a 12 year old lose weight in the thighs and stomach pretty quick?

My daughter just wants to lose a little weight soon but without working to hard.
Also what foods would she need to stay away from to help her lose weight? Thanks!

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6 Responses to “How can a 12 year old lose weight in the thighs and stomach pretty quick?”

  1. Stork said :

    Why is a 12 year-old trying to lose weight?
    At this age, she needs to be active and eating a healthy diet.

  2. Raymae said :

    First, I know that this probably IS the 12 year old daughter speaking.
    Second, if it’s not the daughter, you should not be encouraging weight loss to a 12 year old who doesn’t need it!

  3. Ocean said :

    I agree with the other posts… but I have nothing against encouraging healthy eating, even if I have something against encouraging weight loss.

    Whatever you do, do not cut back on calories (you will lose weight quickly but it will be muscle mass, not fat, and you’ll gain back everything you lost and more just as quickly). Just eat healthily. If the first few ingredients in whatever you’re eating are sugar or anything ending in “ose”, it probably isn’t healthy. Other than that – if it’s not a plant or animal, it probably isn’t healthy (bread is ok because flour is a ground up plant, but dunkaroos are made up entirely of man-made chemicals).

    Make sure to eat breakfast every day. Even if it’s just something quick as you run out of the house, it will kick-start your metabolism, which is what makes you lose weight.

    Other than that, just stay active. Gym class at school probably helps. It doesn’t need to be crazy exercise, just walk or bike to school if it’s possible or play tag at recess… something that gets you moving.

    I know 12 is a hard age – it’s when kids start noticing everything that makes them different and paying attention to those stupid teen magazines that say everyone should look a certain way. Eating healthy and exercising never hurts, but if you do anything unhealthy (like not eating enough) at 12 years old, it could affect you for the rest of your life. Puberty causes growth spurts, and if your body doesn’t have enough fuel it won’t grow to be as strong as it could be, which could cause you more problems down the road.

    Think about it for a minute – in 40 years you could be a hunchback who needs a cane or even a walker when all your friends are still perfectly healthy because you decided to diet at 12 and they didn’t.

  4. i.LovE.HoMeWorK...!!! said :

    Losing weight and getting fitter is really quite simple. All you have to do is a few simple things. Firstly, clear your fridge of fatty junk foods. If there’s no temptation, you cannot fall. Secondly, stock up on watermelon and other fruits. Watermelon is excellent because it clears out your digestive system of toxins and waste, leaving you feeling and being healthier. Next, begin exercising every day. Do not go too hard. If running, don’t go fast or uphill, unless you want bulky muscle. A steady pace each day for a minimum of 30 minutes will allow you to shed fat and tone your body. Set a day each week when you each junk food, but try not to go overboard and ruin the work of every other day. Drink plenty of water, often when you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty. If you are getting cravings, have a glass of water, wait 5 minutes, and then see if you still want food. This usually gets rid of those nasty afternoon hunger pangs for me!

    Good luck, and I hope you get the results you want!!

  5. Pan said :

    Why the boy or girl need lose wight, it so young.
    I’m not agree to do this…

  6. Brooke Maysee said :

    Heey…Im A 12 year old guurlie too and I’m trying exactly the same thing so…Urmm? Well I eat breakfast a small lunch like half a salad sandwhich, and try to eat a smaller portion of dinner and I also exercise on the wii! I used to be 8 stone but now after 4 months of doing that (same routine EVER single dday i’m now 6 and a half stone! So it DOES work its so awsome and feel much better…(Only drink iced water because it makes your metabolism work harder by trying to heat your body up) 😀


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