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will running help me lose fat fast in these areas?

im a 16 year old guy and not fat but i have fat some on my body and was wondering if running would help me lose fat on my inner thighs and sides of my abs. P.S. i workout alot but i dont really run much.

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3 Responses to “will running help me lose fat fast in these areas?”

  1. blah said :

    You cannot target fat loss.

    Running is an excellent way to burn calories, and thus fat. However, you cannot force your body to lose specific fat.

    So it will help, but if you have other fat stores, your body may use those first.

  2. Yeti said :

    Running can help you lose excess body fat, but your body tends to decide on its own where it leaves from and in what order. Abs tend to be toughest and the last place to go, at least on the front.

    Anyway, yes, you’d likely benefit from running and/or some other form of aerobic work. Just be patient, especially with ab region.

  3. nderbz said :

    how do i lose weight in my abdominal area and inner thighs without hurting myself?


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