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Please help I want to lose weight?

I’m 5′ 2 and 137 lbs
Im a girl
I dont have any equipment and cant get to a gym
My dad wont let me jog or walk down the road

so, how can I loose weight quickly!?

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7 Responses to “Please help I want to lose weight?”

  1. minnie m said :

    no sugar for a week. i lost 10 pounds.

  2. Jamie said :

    try cutting your meals in half.

  3. ~*SnowBear*~ said :

    Diet + Exercise = Weight loss! 🙂

    It may help with the diet part to avoid foods high in sugar and carbs. These foods will make you continue to feel hungry throughout the day. Try to eat more vegetables and proteins. Also, high fiber foods will keep you feeling you much longer. Cut back on the daily calories by about 500 calories per day. A 1200-calorie diet each day should help bring results. Counting calories will help. DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!

    As for the exercise part… Cardio will help burn fat. And weight lifting will help build muscle which naturally burns more calories than fat. Make sure that you always changes up your exercises and include a wide variety of activities!!!! If you continue to do the exact same exercises repeatedly for extended periods of time, then your body will adjust to the work and it will cease to be affective!!!!

    Follow those simple rules and you should lose some weight in no time.

    Ps. Here’s another tip: Try to eat the largest meal early in the day, then cut back at each meal throughout the day. People’s metabolisms are fastest early in the day and as the day goes on, they slow down. Therefore, the last meal should be the smallest. ALSO spicy foods speed up metabolisms!!!!! 🙂

  4. Informed said :

    First of all, I am sorry that your Dad is part of the Taliban, and he won’t let you go outside of your house. Push ups and sit ups are good muscle exercises that you can do in a small space. Aside from that, maybe your Dad can buy you a jump rope as jumping rope will get you into your target heart rate range to aid you with you goal of losing weight. These two activities will target your respiratory system as well as your muscles so that your body can adapt to constantly burn many calories even while you’re sleeping. In addition, you should stay away from all sugars except for those that occur naturally in fruits. If possible, only eat small amounts of food at a time and eat 4 or 5 meals a day instead of just 3 big ones. Hope that helps.

  5. Smoking said :

    The enclosed ten tips are designed to help you lose weight fast.

    The first 5 will get your metabolism working quickly to burn fat quicker and then you the 5 tips that follow will help you lose weight easily.

    These 10 tips can be incorporate in sensible any diet and will see you shed pounds and lose weight fast!

  6. Night said :

    Weight loss is a tricky topic. Lots of people are unhappy with their present weight, but most aren’t sure how to change it – and many would be better off staying where they are. You may want to look like the models or actors in magazines and on TV, but those goals might not be healthy or realistic for you. Besides, no magical diet or pill will make you look like someone else.

    So what should you do about weight control?

  7. Summer said :

    Loosing weight fast is always an unhealthy thing.
    There are many diets who tell you that you can loose a lot of weight in no time. And it is working, but you are doing no good to your body. And there’s also the Jojo-effect.
    The best thing to loose and hold a healthy weight is healthy food, less sugar, lots of drinking water, and sports.
    Diet has to begin in your head. And you already started to think about your nutrition. That’s an important step. It is too easy just to make a magazine-diet for 2-3 weeks and loose some weight. But it will come back soon again. If you are over-thinking your nutrition and activity, you will have a constantly good result. Isn’t that much better and healthier than a crash-diet ?

    Take care,

    – Healthy life every day!


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