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how to lose stomach fat fast?

i got what its called beer belly =( 20 years old 6.1 187 Lbs n like 20% body fat which s mostly located in my stomach i know sounds not to good =(..i do workout but never on my stomach what should i do to lose it fast..i heard running is best idea but my friend told me i will also lose muscles by doing it from other parts and i dont wanna lose that so what should i do?

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9 Responses to “how to lose stomach fat fast?”

  1. Ricky or call me America Erica said :

    I did a weekly diet by eating fruits and veggies

  2. AngEsQuiiRt said :

    Sit ups, Crunch ups, Push ups, drop and give me 20!

  3. dove said :

    Try suryanamaskar (a yoga exercise). Really fast you can burn your fat

  4. LindsayH said :

    cut down on processed carbs, breads pastas,

  5. Michael said :

    Aerobics & Cardio shed fat. Sit ups, crunches build ab muscles and you wont lose the fat you want gone by doing only those. Swimming is your best option. If you dint swim than start jogging,running w/e. You wont lose muscle as long as your eating and lifting. Your friend is over exaggerating. If you ran and only ran, diet on small amounts of protein,carbs yes you will lose muscle.

  6. nugendao said :

    do alot of cardio… you will lose fat not muscle..
    Keep working ur other muscles regularly though..
    u can start doing ab crunches, leg raises too

  7. Gerald said :

    There are two effective ways to build six pack abs and they are….

    1. resistance training – Focus on exercises that penetrate the abdominal wall indirectly instead of engaging the abs directly. For example, do woodchops with medicine ball, snatches with dumbells, and burpees instead of sit-ups and crunches. To be honest with you crunches and sit-ups are the LEAST effective method of achieving 6 pack abs.

    2. Lastly, eat the foods that will flatten your midsection instead of foods that will get it thick and bulky. Here’s what to do:

    eat natural, whole foods. Stay away from anything that’s in a bag, box or a can. They are usually loaded with sugar. You want to also stay away from refined processed carbs.

    If you do these two things consistently for 3 months you’ll get nice ripped abs. I recommend, you visit the link below and download the 26 weeks workout program. The trainer there is very nice and he’ll answer all of your answers for free.

  8. Mister fashion said :

    Do you struggle to lose belly fat? I bet you’re thinking that you’ve tried every technique in the world to try to lose your stubborn belly fat, but it just never seems to budge… right? I’m sure you see TONS of commercials and ads making all kinds of miracle claims that you can lose your belly fat overnight with their magic pill or wildly-hyped snake-oil supplement. How about all of the bogus infomercial gadgets out there claiming you can reduce your belly fat in a matter of days just by strapping some worthless “ab-belt” around your waist, or sizzle away the stomach fat by using their patented “ab-roller-rocker” do-hicky.

  9. rakesh said :

    please do kapalbhati pranayam as advised by baba Ramdev in Aastha channel for 10 minutes daily


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