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If I lose fat through dieting will my muscles become more toned?

I’ve read time and time again that “toning” of the muscles simply means “defining” of the muscles, which entails the elimination of body fat so that the underlying muscle is more visibly prominent. So by following that logic, if I lose body fat through dieting and simple exercise, my muscles should become more defined/toned/visible, right?

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3 Responses to “If I lose fat through dieting will my muscles become more toned?”

  1. mukhtar said :

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  2. nekro13 said :

    yes your right.

  3. Sue said :

    Yes if you lose the fat, your muscles should become more visible. But it does not become more toned. Muscles get toned only when you use them. If you exercise to lose the fat, then of course the muscle will get toned and you will see beautifully sculpted muscles after you lose the fat. For best effect, I use a combination of exercise, healthy eating and Slimray from to maximize fat loss and shorten the time to get a defined body.


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