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How Lose belly fat fast?

ok im 13 121 pounds 5’7 and im skinny but almost all my fat builds up around my belly. Ive been trying to eat healthy and workout but it isnt working i can feel my abs but i cannot see them. what is and easy way to lose this belly fat in 2-3 weeks. i dont care about the health issues just gimme the facts


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4 Responses to “How Lose belly fat fast?”

  1. awesomeo said :

    drink water and run 2-5 miles at high intensity 4-5 times a week.
    you can do sprints too.

    Eat protein foods too.

  2. ? said :

    get the velform sauna belt!

  3. Jo B said :

    You need to put in the effort. Build some muscle and work out like this

    By the way it is free

  4. estelle said :

    drink 1 litre of mint tea every day

    use natural mint leaves, it speeds up your metabolism so you burn fat faster and is great for your skin

    it leaves you feeling refreshed and cool and it tastes better than most teas

    it is great for your teeth too


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