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how cna i lose my belly fat fast?

I’m 15, male. I jsut have belly fat and a muffin top, its not that big, but sticks out. i want to lose it fast, im starting a new school and i wanna look good. What is a workout I can use at the gym that burns fat fast and makes me gain muscle? i really wanna look slim fast, I just have to lose my gut, so please give me a workout that will do those things. Also, how can i speed up my fat loss? i want it done asap. I have a hill behind my house if that helps

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2 Responses to “how cna i lose my belly fat fast?”

  1. Michael M said :
  2. Lex said :

    Cut sugar completely from your diet….that doesn’t ensure that you’ll lose belly fat but sugar turns to belly fat. You should stretch well and run the hill behind your house for 30-40 minutes per day and do sit ups and push ups. The more you work at this, the more you’ll be able to do. Good luck.


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