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how to rid of belly fat fast?

15, male, got belly fat. i really wanna lose it fast and get a bulging six pack. also, i would like to build more muscle on my other body parts. please give me a specific workout that will make me lose fat and get a six pack FAST, preferably at home

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  1. <3_CHICKLET_12 said :

    try getting a workout video for men you can easily find something like this at a thrift store, wal mart, target, etc. there is also a channel called fit tv they have all sorts of workouts throughout the day there is a specific one called Gilad’s bodys in motion it will tone your body and help you loose the belly fat. but the best thing to do is run on either a treadmill or outside three times a week and everyother day lift to ge the tone look you are going for.


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