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how do i gain muscle and lose fat fast, and how do i controle urges to eat??

I am 15 years old a tad bit over weight, i weigh like 160 but i am not good at running, i want to replace my weight with muscle, i am built extremely muscular on upper body but my lower body strength is not the best like i can bench 140 and squat 280, how can i improve this fast i would like to possibly have a six pack or at least abs by December and it is towords the end of September now, when i am in a grocery store i get the biggest urges to eat sugary and fatty foods, what are some high protein foods and maybe some vitamins that i can eat to help me…?

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2 Responses to “how do i gain muscle and lose fat fast, and how do i controle urges to eat??”

  1. truelyhonest said :

    I know this sounds weird but you should start eating organic foods. Not processed foods, foods with preservatives, sugars, and fast foods. I have the same problem but when I eat organic foods I stopped craving things constantly it took a good week but it really works..

  2. JS said :

    Try This.I got this and started using it, so far so good I am already seeing a difference. Its a diet program too not just exercises because diet is very important to achieving your goal as well. You just have to stick with it.


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