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How can i lose weight fast for wrestling?

i am a strong 13 year old kid. i want to lose all my fat n gain all muscle. i want to be solid. how can i make that happened. i dont really need to my coaches tell me but i want to at least be a lower weight class. how can i lose it all fast?!?!?

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5 Responses to “How can i lose weight fast for wrestling?”

  1. Coach said :

    Getting on a solid strength and conditioning plan, along with solid nutrition and you can get yourself on the path where you want to be. For wrestling, you want to really hammer your anaerobic conditioning, as well as, work on your explosive power, especially being very powerful in the hips. Training this way will make you become a better wrestler, and with a proper diet, you’ll lean out like you’re wanting.

  2. Action Jackson said :

    I used to wrestle myself. It all depends on how much weight you are trying to lose. You can lose 5 pounds fast but it involves some from of dehydration. Like sweating a lot from running in sweats or laxatives. Which i would not recommend. The correct way would be to eat healthier and to exercise to lose that fat and build muscle. If muscle is you goal then there is no way to achieve that overnight.

  3. Lisa said :

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  4. Johnatan said :

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  5. Lorianne said :

    My son just turned 13 1 week ago. He was 106 lbs. when the schoolyear began. He is now in wrestling and doing very well. Although he is getting frustrated because he is having a hard time reaching 102 lbs. He is all muscle/ almost 0% body fat. As a mom, how can I help him reach his goal !! He was only 1 1/2 lbs. over this A.M. and didn’t get to wrestle. :(… Next… Thursday! Help quick please. We alre all new to this…


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