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how can i lose weight and gain muscle after that as fast as possible?

i am mildly over weight i am 5ft ll.5in and weigh 81kg mostly fat except on arms and fore legs, how can i lose this fat as fast as possible in a safe way (or mostly safe), and gain powerful defined muscle but not so that i can’t wipe my own ass, if i were to compare; i want muscles sort of like goku’s from the anime (a little childish yes), as i want to start fight club and win and be healthy.
also diets appreciated

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3 Responses to “how can i lose weight and gain muscle after that as fast as possible?”

  1. Ernie S said :


    check paraslim force. It’ll help you get really ripped if you have a solid training program and also a good diet. This will really take you to the next level.

    good luck

  2. Elvin said :

    Anyone looking for a weight loss pill should really consider the Acai Berry. Many people claim to have lost 40-50 pounds in a couple months while using Acai. 60 Minutes and Oprah have even featured it on their shows. Dr. Oz said it is a Super Food and is full of vitamins and anti-oxidents.

  3. Mitch said :

    I Suggest you get involved with Turbulence training
    It is non time consuming and works great click link below to check it out


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