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How do I lose some weight in my legs?

I use to be a gymnast for 7 years. I have struggled with anorexia once but now I have gained the weight on.
All I want to do is tighten my stomache back up and lose a bit of weight from around the bottom and top of the thighs and i think i will be so much more confident about my self.anyone help?

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9 Responses to “How do I lose some weight in my legs?”

  1. william11373 said :

    running or jogging will tone your body expecially the legs

  2. mctruck said :


  3. katzchen75 said :

    I walk vigorous hills on the treadmill, and that seems to really trim down my butt and legs. Better on your joints than running, but hauling up a steep incline is a workout!! Try 40 minutes 3-4 times per week, and you’ll really see the results.

  4. celeste said :

    you could run,go on excersize machines that help lose weight from your legs,or their so many things you could go on a diet.mayge you could find one of the internet

  5. ♥Y.V.C.B™ said :

    well running or jogging can help or walking…maybe working out in a bike too…but from what I’ve heard and I can tell you this from experience is that swimming and dancing are the best if you want pretty legs. because they make your legs strong and they give a good shape to your legs…i guess that’s why i practice both lol…but im guessing there’s also common exercise routines that you find in magazines and stuff.

  6. taniaisme said :

    do some cardio to loose the bit of weight and some crunches and squats to tone the muscle…. don’t forget to eat healthy and good meals- oil and carbs are not the enemy, you need them for digestion and energy…. eat these foods in moderation and eat lots of fruit and veggies

  7. Dave said :

    You can’t just lose weight from a certain part of your body. Everyone who buys these ab machines on tv thinking they are going to have a flat stomach, but are really 30 pounds overweight are fools. Lose weight, you will lose it from everywhere, some places more than others, but it will go from everywhere.

  8. Ken C said :

    Hello Casandra. U seem 2 have healthy life-style. May need exercise gently 7 days/ wk. Exercise – back work, calistenics, stretch, swim, Tai Chi, walk etc. helps feel better, avoid binge. U cant lose weight isolated spots but work all muscle groups. If U like gymnast work why not do that if it helped. Good luck!

  9. Lexi said :

    horseback ride. peopel think riding i snot aworkout at all but it totally is! i take aweekly lessons and teh day after my lessons i can barely walk my legs hurt so bad! and its super fun!!!


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