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How can i lose alot of weight fast?!?

I need to lose weight to fit in the wedding dress of my dreams in a month! i need to get it off like asap! i don’t care if its a crash diet i know the consequences, i know if you lose it fast you can gain it back but i don’t care at this point. i need something effective with damn near immediate results. if you want to be a jerk and leave snarky responses just don’t, i know people are going to have negative things to say id rather not hear it please. thank you.

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3 Responses to “How can i lose alot of weight fast?!?”

  1. Jolley said :

    drink water, use protein shakes. exercise, jog. dont eat. just drink protien shakes. maybe one fruit a day. like a peach.

  2. kitten caboodle said :

    you know you can not loose weight fast if you do it is unhealthy i know you say you need to fit in to your wedding dress but you need to think bout your health to if you eat healthy cut out the junk eat 2 meals a day and excercise every day you will loose that weight cause you know if you do it the unhealthy way you will gain all of it back plus some so it your choice if you loose it the healthy way it will stay off

  3. Rachel said :

    Yeah, you’re going to get a lot of people on their high horses telling you how you’re horrible and how they’re so much better and healthier than you, just ignore them.

    The most important thing you need is motivation, it seems like you already have that (dream wedding dress), but bare in mind that when you’re on a crash diet and you could kill someone for a cheeseburger that dream wedding dress seems like nothing important, so do whatever you can to make sure you stay motivated, stick pictures of models/actresses on your fridge (yes, i know its lame, but desperate times call for desperate measures), and most importantly stay hydrated, do not drink ANY LESS than 8 glasses of water a day, no matter what, eat a lot of protein and do cardio, as in walking, jumping etc.


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