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How do I lose belly weight without losing weight anywhere else?

Okay I am 5’6 and I weight like 160 lbs. My doctor says I need to go on a diet. I don’t want to lose weight anywhere but in my stomach. How do I do this.

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8 Responses to “How do I lose belly weight without losing weight anywhere else?”

  1. Ali C said :

    Er, you can’t!

    Unless your body is that way inclined, fat loss will be from various areas all over your body.

  2. Jennifer said :

    The best way to lose belly fat is to do ab exercises and crunches. Those exercises focus mainly on your obliques and abs and help to burn fat. You can lose fat/weight in specifc areas of your body while building up muscle without losing anything in other areas. The best ab work is getting an ab ball, putting your feet up against the wall for balance, sitting on the ball, and then doing crunches. That will also strengthen your legs. You can also do crunches on the floor with a 5 to 10lb weight for more resistance on your abs. Put your feet under a couch or something like that to help you balance when you are coming up.

  3. kristi b said :

    lots of ab work

  4. ***So Nerdy*** said :

    simple- watch what you eat and just work on your abdominal area like do sit-ups etc….: ] (Jogging works too even though you will gain thigh and leg muscle)

  5. ME! said :

    there’s no such thing as spot work outs, people who say to do 50 crunches every morning (first of all, 50 isn’t enough to even feel sore) are stupid, and missinformed, it takes full body workouts to get rid of body fat. Muscles are fuiled by energy the body burns which comes from food, and body organs muscles fat etc. Doing a workout to a certain part of the body works the muscles, first using engergy from food, then body fat, then muscles, then organs. When you starve yourself, the reson it is bad for you is because you have already burned the food youve eaten, the body fat, and the muscle, and your ogans are slowly being destroyed. So NEVER do that.
    i’d suggest swimming biking, hiking, jogging, and weigt lifting. Also, a lot of people use things like pallatis (sp) which apperently works realy well.

  6. yWoSgYJ said :

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  7. crystal said :

    i just want to loose my belly fat nothing else

  8. Herbal Remedies said :

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