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I need to lose some body fat, what forms of exercise should I do?

I have a lot more body fat from my stomach down. What forms of exercise should I do, and how long per day?

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4 Responses to “I need to lose some body fat, what forms of exercise should I do?”

  1. Victoria said :

    Pilates are fantastic for your core, and running is amazing for your legs.

  2. Natalia King said :

    All the doctors and nutritionists say targeted weight loss is unlikely, especially in the waist and belly places, but I managed it with acai berry. I know they say that pills don’t work, but they sure worked for me, and they’ve been featured on CNN too. There’s a free trial on right now at , why not check it out, why not?

  3. lifes not that bad :) said :

    you should definately start with some cardio, it is one of the most effective ways to burn fat. and you want to “shock” you body.. so for example.. if you are on the tredmill run for 5 minutes then walk for 2 and continue this. you want to do At least 30 minutes per day, but start with what you can physically handle first and work your way up to 30 minutes or more. so if you can only handle about 10 minutes now add 2 mintues or so a day. another great form of cardio you can add is different types of aerobics classes. this gets you moving all muscles of your body and can be more tolerable then running on a tredmill. you can buy tapes or take classes! good luck 🙂

  4. RitaM said :


    I am a 5.7 and 31 years old and a month ago I weigh 147lbs although about a year ago I weighed 188lbs. I am not very happy with how I look, although I have slimmed down a lot, but I still look like I’m pregnant. My stomach is flabby, my butt is big and I just feel and look disgusting. I used to run on treadmill for 15-20 mins then do some stretching for 10 min and then workout for 30-40 mins and all this 7 days a week. But I just couldn’t reach my goal. It is enough to make anyone frustrated.

    A month ago a friend introduced me a workout program. I was skeptical at first that this would work by itself. Targeted weight loss is quite tough, some would say impossible, but the program definitely does produce results. I have lost 20 lbs in four weeks plus 3 inches from my stomach and even my legs are much more slimmer then before.

    You’ll make dramatic improvements in your worst trouble spots and most stubborn problem areas if you do simple, yet carefully structured, bodyweight exercises (no weights & no machines) which combine all three types of muscle movement: Concentric, Eccentric and Isometric. This is a crucial factor for man and women that cannot be addressed with typical weight and machine type exercise programs. The only way to combine these for maximum results and safety is by focusing on bodyweight type exercises. Because its basically impossible to achieve this when using weights and machines. If you are wondering that this program is too good to be true then get a free copy of ‘The Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Enhancement e-Guide’ by sending me an email at [email protected]


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