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How should I exercise in order to lose fat?

I want lose some fat around my stomach and butt are. I’ve already adjusted my meals to get a nutritional diet every day. Regarding exercise, should I run or walk? I’ve heard walking/running backwards helps tone body shape but is that just a myth?

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3 Responses to “How should I exercise in order to lose fat?”

  1. Stanley Y said :

    Run, sit ups…play some sports.

  2. Linah =) said :

    Well, You should go on the tred mill everyday. I’m 11 and I go 2 miles a day. So I guess it depends on what age you are for how much you should go, i think like 10-14 year olds should go 2 miles, 15-17 year olds should go like 3-4 miles, and 18+should go like 5 miles. My dad is 43 and he goes like 8 miles a day.

  3. Ole said :

    Have lots of sex doggy style, is your only hope!


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