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What exercises should I do to lose chest, stomach, and butt fat?

Hi, I’m trying to lose some weight cause I’ve put maybe 30 pounds on in the past year and that’s not very good. I have accumulated a lot of fat on my stomach, my chest, and on my butt and thighs. By the way, I’m a male.

What are some things that I can do to lose fat in those areas? I know I should do cardio, but what are some weight exercises I can do? Thanks.

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3 Responses to “What exercises should I do to lose chest, stomach, and butt fat?”

  1. Kelly S said :

    The bottom line is you don’t need to have hundreds of different types of exercise.
    Raise your head, neck and shoulders as you pull your knees up towards your chest for toned tummy muscles and visit
    for the rest..

  2. ~*STarr~*STarr~* said :

    How To Lose Chest Fat

    “How to lose chest fat effectively and get rid of those man boobs!”

    Sometimes its is very difficult to burn chest fat and it can cause lots of frustration if you spend tremendous hours hitting the gym and you don’t get results at all! Unfortunately for men, fat tend to be stored on the chest as well. For females, fat tends to be stored on the butt, triceps and back but for male, it’s chest, thighs and the love handles.
    Don’t worry blokes! If you have been struggling to burn chest fat, follow these simple guidelines and you will lose chest fat as well as lose body fat.

    How To Lose Chest Fat Tip 1

    You have got to beat the chest fat with cardio exercise. As you know, male tends to store body fat in chest, thighs and around the stomach. So, the most logical way to lose chest fat is to lose body fat!

    Cardio workouts are one of the best ways to burn body fat. 4 to 5 sessions of cardio training per week is sufficient enough to ensure you fat loss. Each session should be 30 to 45 minutes.

    How To Lose Chest Fat Tip 2

    Change your cardio exercise mode to keep the body guessing. If you are bored doing treadmill everyday, change your cardio mode every 2 weeks or just mix them up. For example, week one you can use treadmill, week 2 you can use the stairmaster, week 3 you can use the elliptical trainer and for week 4 you can use the rower.

    It does not matter whether which cardio exercise equipment provides the best cardio exercise. Just make sure you hit the target heart rate, which is the exercise heart rate. Your exercise heart rate should be at 75 % to 85 % of your maximum heart rate.

    How To Lose Chest Fat Tip 3
    Do not try those baseless weight loss gimmicks that do not work! Yes, fat loss techniques that promise you quick weight loss does not work and even if it does, it usually gives you temporary results. Recommended healthy fat loss is 1 pound per week and the American Council on Exercise (ACE) recommends this.

    There is a reason for this recommended fat loss rate. First, steady fat loss does not cause hay wire in your system but to me the most important reason is that by losing body fat steadily, you can really maintain the fat loss for a longer period of time.

    If the fat loss is too fast, you are not giving your body and lifestyle a chance to adapt to the new you and when the rebound effect occurs, you will end up gaining more weight.

    How To Lose Chest Fat Tip 4

    Engage in weight training to lose chest fat. Weight training combined with cardio exercises can really boost fat loss! Train you chest at least once a week. In your chest workout, include at least 4 exercises.

    The basic four chest exercises that I would recommend are, bench press, incline dumbbell chest press, parallel bar dips and cable crossover. Do 3 sets for each exercise and for the first set, do 12 reps, the second set, do 10 reps and for the third set do 8 reps. The weights you use in your chest exercises must be heavy enough so that you have to struggle to complete the set.

    How To Lose Chest Fat Tip 5

    Use high intensity techniques like giant set or super set in your chest workout. This is for advance individuals that have been working out at least 6 months. A giant set is a set that consists of 4 chest exercises and they are done non-stop.

    A sample would be doing incline chest press, flat dumbbell chest press, incline cable flyes and push-ups. Do those exercises in that order and reach failure in each set. The weights that you use should be moderate heavy.

    How To Lose Chest Fat Tip 6

    Say no to junk food! If you eat junk food and over eat, you will look like a junk. Get on a fat loss diet. Remember, if you want to lose chest fat, you have to lose body fat and in order to lose body fat, you have to get on a fat loss diet. Choose a naturally and healthy diet plan and forget about crash diets.

    Treat your body like a limousine and feed your muscles with high quality fuel! Just reduce your daily calorie intake by 200 to 300 calories a day. There you go, how to lose chest fat answered! Just follow these simple tips and you can get a well-toned chest to show off for the summer! The summarize things up; to lose chest fat, you have to do your cardio, workout with weights and diet! Stay focused, maintain a healthy lifestyle, do not give up exercising and you will get the body that you so long desired!
    Do you have big belly and because of that, you feel embarrassment to go to swimming with your girl friend?

    Are you over 35? You need to get rid of your stomach fat because it increases risk of your heart attack.

    Flat and firm stomach makes you not only sexy but also healthy. In this article, you will learn how you transform your flab abs to 6 pack abs.

    It is proved that cardio has the best impact on quick fat loss. A good cardio session burn the fat not only from your stomach but also from your whole body. Aerobic exercises are must whether you want to reduce belly fat or want to lose fat from your chin or from chest.

    Healthy diet will help you to maintain weight and aerobic exercises like jogging, swimming or running on treadmill will help you to lose fat.

    Does muscle building help you to remove stomach fat?

    Muscle building is another fat loss secret. You need to do crunches, leg raise to tone up your stomach, thigh and lower back muscles. Muscles building improves metabolism and boost in metabolism expedites fat burning. Regular exercises also help you to get strong thighs, 6 pack abs, remove chest fat etc.

    Tips of healthy nutrition for fat loss

    Healthy diet definitely helps you to reduce stomach fat fast. To change life style & food habit is not simple. You need to consult nutritionist for a balanced fat loss diet. You need to take small but definite steps to improve your food habits like reduce the amount of food, replace soda, coca cola by simple water.

    You should not skip break fast and you should take light dinner by 7:30 PM everyday. You should go to bed by 10 PM and sleep for at least 8 hours.

    Proper exercises, diets, drinking sufficient water, proper sleep are the four top secrets for fat loss. Once you take care of these four things, you will lose your stomach fat quickly
    There are many names for what people know very well as the rear end. Some of these are buttocks, behind, bum and buns. Believe it or not, how it looks like tells people about the physical condition of the individual.

    If the person wants so to have a cute butt to show off and not have one bulging with fat, here are a few exercises that people will find useful.

    1. A Dead lift

    The individual will stand with feet apart with toes pointing out and hands clasped together in front of the pelvis. The person will then bend the knees forward from the hips.

    Some people make the mistake of bending the spine so it is best to do this exercise in front of the mirror to make sure it is straight. The butt should be sticking out and then the legs come back to an extended position.

    2. Kneeling kickbacks

    The individual will kneel with one leg on the ground while the other is extended into the air. This should be lowered and repeated with the same thing being done to the opposite leg.

    3. A Pelvic lift

    This begins with the person lying down on the floor. While the knees are bent, the buttocks must be lifted from the ground and held for a few seconds in the air and then repeated. This can be done quickly or slowly with a number of reps per set.

    Aside from doing exercises, following a strict diet has also been known to lose fat in the butt. The best is one that is high fresh raw fruits and raw green vegetables with concentrated amounts of fat and carbohydrates. Some protein can also be combined in making this happen.

    There are books; magazines and articles on the Internet that can help the person lose fat in the butt. Before trying any of the exercises mentioned, it is best to consult with a doctor to make sure it is safe.

  3. Maha said :

    Just do any exercises.

    Doing specific exercises does not burn fat from where you are moving.

    Fat is burnt from wherever the body decides, regardless of which exercise is done.


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