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What exercises should I do to lose belly fat and get thinner without leaving the house?

I really want to lose weight especially belly fat. But I can’t leave the house because my parents won’t let me leave alone and they have no time at all because of their job and all. I have no treadmill and stuff and my parents choose the food I eat not me. Help?
No I don’t have any stairs.

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5 Responses to “What exercises should I do to lose belly fat and get thinner without leaving the house?”

  1. steph said :

    do you have stairs in your house?

    even if its a few steps..

    thats something you can do.. if you have a stair case run up and down them for fifteen minutes..

  2. aashu said :

    walk more n more, it will help

  3. mageta8 said :

    I agree with Steph…if you have any kind of stairs in your house go up and down them several times…that will help you lose some belly fat. If you have any money, go out and buy an exercise video, one that helps the abs. Good Luck!

  4. Diya said :

    Some sit ups are there that you can do in home and they really good to reduce belly fat.

    In the links bellow you can find some to do in home also.

  5. Omar A said :

    What the Fuck kind of family are you involved with. Call child services or something. Thats child abuse in my opinion. Your parents are terrible so do whatever you want!!!! btw the reason your fat is because of your parents keeping you at home. and a good way to excercise at home is a jump rope. so make them atleast get you a jump rope


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