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I am losing some weight-need to lose more. What exercises should I be doing?

For the past 2 wks I have been drinking 10 glasses of water, no sodas, 1200-1300 calories per day and running on the tredmill everyday. I am losing some weight, I have lost 8 lbs in 2 wks, I need to lose about 40 more lbs (yes, I know-Im a lard @ss) to get to my goal of 105 lbs. Im 5′ 1″ . Should I keep running on the treadmill everyday or should I do aerobics or anything? Should I do some crunches and sit ups and things like that or should I wait till I get most of the fat off first?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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8 Responses to “I am losing some weight-need to lose more. What exercises should I be doing?”

  1. rony r said :

    u should do sit ups and u should tell me about what cind of exercice.

  2. smarty pants said :

    SWIMMING is good …

  3. Brandon M said :

    running is the best and reall only true way to lose weight and to get into shape. and a whole lot of crunches. also in any exercise you do. try to push every thing out through your abs. you will get more reps that way

  4. Matt G said :

    Add more Cardio time and everything you mentioned would be great too

  5. Omar M said :

    I would keep running, but also add in some weight training to build a little muscle which will help you lose more weight faster. Also you should change your entire workout routine and diet every 3 to 4 weeks to keep your body in a state of shock so it gets all the benefits of your hard work. Your body will get used to the same workout same diet very quickly and adjusts to that, so if you keep changing your diet, and workouts your body can not adjust to it and is forced to continually change.

  6. cute_angel said :

    You should do yoga, its relaxing!!!! and good for you..

  7. Ric said :

    Many doctors agree that walking is preferable to running or jogging. It’s easier on your joints and some reports show that you burn just as much fat.

    I started an excerise regimen in late January. I walked briskly on a treadmill, used an elliptical bike, and did stomach crunches. I found that I burned much more calories on the elliptical bike. But the most important factor was changing my diet. I ate smaller portions, and cut out sodas, breads made with flour, and high carb. foods. As of this morning (roughly 3 1/2 months), I’ve lost 40 pounds!

  8. Eric H said :

    Cardio is the single most effective type of exercise to burn weight. I would recommend doing any kind of Cardio workout you can find.. try EVERYTHING.. I mean afterall, it’s surely not going to hurt anything, right? The best thing you can do is keep changing up your routine and shocking your body. Swimming is a very good option since it burns calories, builds muscle, and does it all with no resistance.


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