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How can I lose some weight without losing my hourglass figure?

also, are there any workouts i can do to help accentuate my body shape?

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4 Responses to “How can I lose some weight without losing my hourglass figure?”

  1. rissetto2 said :

    Well, there is no such thing such as “spot training” which means that if you work out one particular area, then you will shed fat from that area. For example: one myth is that crunched will take fat from your mid-section. Wrong. Your body will take the fat from where ever it is genetically designed to take it from first (could be the legs, arms or maybe even it could be your midsection) But anyway, you can lose weight, while at the same time doing light weight training to build up your gluts (butt) and and such.

  2. Bee! said :

    an hourglass figure won’t be lost, it will only shrink or grow. you are an hourglass because of your bone structure and the way genetics determine how your fat is distributed – working out and losing weight won’t alter that!

  3. Meri said :

    So long as you do not starve yourself too thin, if you have an hourglass figure now, you are likely to keep your curves. For the most part, people become thinner versions of their weightier selves.

    One great example of this is Toccara on the latest Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp. She went from overweight to within a healthy body fat range. She was afraid of losing her curves, but instead she seemed curvier because her waist and abs tightened up, accentuated the curve of her hips to her waist and then back again. Also, her chest became more defined and more lifted, which put an added emphasis on that section of her body.

    I would consider a workout that was very much like the one that Toccara used. It doesn’t have to be a boot camp work out, but she did a combination of cardio and using weights, whether that was the weight of actual dumbells, the weight of her own body (like push-ups) or some of the more improbable exercises they did in boot camp. I know that the actual Celebrity Fit Club diet site costs money to join, but if you do a little research you might find out what the work out is, and come up with something that has similar proportions that will work for you!

    I would recommend watching what you eat, slowly eliminating the foods that are most unhealthy for you. Allow yourself a few small and occasional vices, but eliminate the stuff that is really not good for you, eating more fruits and veggies. When I started losing weight for good, for once I didn’t try to jump on a diet bandwagon, and instead just tried to add good habits (like drinking enough water) and eliminate bad habits (cream in my morning coffee, etc.) It made the transition gradual and I didn’t feel like I was being deprived all at once, so when I chose a new way of eating, in the end, it was an easy transition!

    Good luck!

  4. kate said :

    Hope it can help you.


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