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How should I go about losing some weight?

So I’ve noticed recently that there’s some excess fat around my thighs and my stomach that I would like to lose. What are some exercises that could help me do this? They don’t have to be quick. Long-term is just fine with me, as long as I lose it all.
I weigh around 120 and am only 5’2″.

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5 Responses to “How should I go about losing some weight?”

  1. Ashton said :

    you can try the non carb diet. you can eat whatever you want, except stuff with carbs =)

    my friend tried it and she lost 7 pounds in a few weeks!!

  2. Artemis said :

    Cardio. Cardio exercises are what help you burn fat.

    Running, jogging, swimming, sports. Anything that raises your heartrate.

    You need to do 20-60 minutes per day and eat a healthy nutrition to lose weight at a healthy, and steady pace.

    If you’re just focusing on loseing weight, and not gaining muscle. Just focus on the cardio part first.

  3. Courtney said :

    Try working out about 30 minutes a day, at the gym or at home. I prefer at the gym for extra weight loss tools.

    And Weightwatchers, you can join there for free!

  4. mfishsauce said :

    it’s been proven that you get better results in losing weight if you watch what you eat more than how much you exercise.

    just don’t eat those fatty foods as often!

  5. Heather B said :

    It largely depends on your body type and metabolism. If you are naturally slender, and don’t bulk up easily, light strength training is a great way to get lean and burn more calories. Joining a gym is probably the best avenue, but if you just want to do it at home, try resistance bands, small free weights, and maybe some pilates/yoga. Once you increase your muscle tone and mass, you will burn more calories no matter what you are doing.


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