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How to lose weight without leaving the house?

Im trying to lose as much weight as possible without actually having to go places. Looking for things such as work outs and eating. If anybody thinks drinking alot of water will help as well let me know here. If people have any amazing workout machines they would like to recomend that might help to.

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4 Responses to “How to lose weight without leaving the house?”

  1. xo Shαγ xo said :

    i recommend purchasing the Turbo Jam DVD set.
    works absolutely amazing.
    keep in mind that weight loss has A LOT to do with making healthier food choices as well.

  2. cat care said :

    New study findings suggest that controlling portion sizes may be the fastest route to weight loss. The research shows that the “direct route to losing weight is to constantly control your portions,” study author Dr. Everett E. Logue, of Summa Health System in Akron, Ohio, told Reuters Health.

  3. LadyConsuelaBananaHammock said :

    Hi there. I recommend a mini trampoline set up in the comfort of your own home 🙂 They are marvelous, & a brand new one where I live in Australia only cost me $50

  4. QDD4YUB said :

    The enclosed ten tips are designed to help you lose weight fast.

    The first 5 will get your metabolism working quickly to burn fat quicker and then you the 5 tips that follow will help you lose weight easily.

    These 10 tips can be incorporate in sensible any diet and will see you shed pounds and lose weight fast!

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