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How do you lose belly fat with just running exercises?

I am a 5ft7 Male 120 lbs and I have a litttle belly fat because it is winter what running exercises do I do how many times a week and how long a day?

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7 Responses to “How do you lose belly fat with just running exercises?”

  1. Data M said :

    Each and every day for 30-50 minutes.

  2. walter said :

    dude u cant be fat im 5’9 and 145 and kinda chubby

  3. Vlad said :

    3 times a week is enough, you don’t want injuries which would lead to longer delays.

    Do for more than 30 mins.
    45 mins is enough.

    Also, don’t drink caffeine, drink LOTS of water.
    Water helps wash those toxics that stays in your stomach which results to belly fat.

  4. Number 5 said :

    I agree with Data guy mate. But once it’s gone you’ll have problems because of excess skin…

  5. Dj said :

    u gotta also do sum sort of ab work such as sit ups, cardo work isnt the only way

    sit ups willl make it more firm

  6. Zack W said :

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  7. practise said :

    in winter you can also stay in the house and run up and down the stairs only 3 times and then jog on the spot for 10 minutes.


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