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How to lose belly fat and gain 6 ab muscle, and what should i eat to see results of fat loss?

What are some good suggestions as to lose belly fat and gain those nice 6 pack abs and what should i eat to see great results?????

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4 Responses to “How to lose belly fat and gain 6 ab muscle, and what should i eat to see results of fat loss?”

  1. Candace said :

    It’s called exercise, you can’t just eat to lose weight and gain muscle.

    Go for a run lazy bum.

  2. M said :

    There are no magic foods out there to help you lose weight and gain muscle mass. It is all about limiting the amount of food you eat and making choices. Keep your portions small, low cal-low fat and do not go back for seconds. Avoid snacking or fast foods. Opt to eat an apple rather than a handful of cookies. Pass up on pizza or if you are with friends, have a piece and load up on salad (dressing on the side). Check at your local library for DVDs on exercise and plan to work out for perhaps 30 minutes or more every day. You also might consider jogging, swimming, or walking daily.

  3. Carol said :

    I was asking the same questions on the food and diet forums several months ago (before last summer) because I was suffering stomach problems. My friend was doing her best to help me somehow but the only thing I could do was to get some physical trainings adjusted to a daily diet. This is the long story to tell it whole right here and right now so what I can tell you is: be patient and consequent in everyday trainings plans and all you eat. I start with buying some good stuff on the internet which helped me a lot, especially during the first stages, you can also try this. If you want to contact me directly please don’t hesitate to catch me via Yahoo Messanger. I’m willing to help and share my experiences with everybody who want to work on his/herself.

  4. HLW777 said :

    There are many products that can help you on the internet.


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