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What exercises should i do to lose weight?

I am almost 14 years old and 5 feet 9 inches. I weigh about 173 pounds (after school started, i been gaining weight!). My shoe size is 10.

I need to lose some weight, especially my stomach and chest area. Can you give me any suggestions on what exercise i should do everyday to lose some weight? I am busy with school everyday, so I’ll only have time at night to work out. Thank you!

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9 Responses to “What exercises should i do to lose weight?”

  1. Jenno said :

    If there aren’t any sports that you’re into…
    And its not safe to cycle to school…
    I would suggest a circuit of body weight exercises for about 40Min’s, followed by a walk around your neighborhood for approx 30Min’s…
    3 basic exercises could include: inverted row; squats; and push ups…

  2. Sarah K said :

    crazy dancing in your room to music…
    I swear it helps so much 🙂

    just don’t eat after it because you’ve done exercise,
    lol or else there’s no point.

    hot mess by cobra starship is one of my personal favourites

  3. beN said :

    getting on a treadmill and jogging everyday about an hour will get you results quick.

  4. razi00780 said :

    my dear you can join aerobics its a fun way to loss weight with music n dance and you can get your target in limited period . for idea see in details

  5. wendy_da_goodlil_witch said :

    you don’t need to lose weight, but you might feel better if you tone some muscles. try to be more active every day. walk as much as you can. do push ups in the evenings. try to make sure you eat and drink healthy.

  6. Vfret S said :

    Eat Enough Vegetables

    Vegetables can play a huge role in helping an individual lose weight without dieting. This is because vegetables are very low in calories, especially green, leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and greens. Individuals can eat as many vegetables as they want in a day’s time without damaging their ability to lose weight. There are a few exceptions, of course, with potatoes and corn which are starchy vegetables and have more calories. Some vegetables are even negative calorie foods, which means they take more calories to burn than they have. Celery is a negative calorie food.

  7. situpking said :

    To loose weight you need to do cardio. The best forms of cardio are speedwlking, stairs and step test. the only way to loose weight is to have a higher caloric output than your caloric input.
    For the stomach region, perform crunches and do them every day. Do 30 per set and do multiple sets per day Chest region, push ups every other day, bench press will help out more.
    As for meals, eat about 5 per day…small ones. By doing this, you will take in enough calories to get you to your next meal with none being left over as fat. For more info, contact me at [email protected]

  8. Bfdfgfd S said :

    Weight Loss Tip ) Choose Protein

    Choose protein-laden foods for boosting your metabolism and enabling your body to burn fat rapidly. In addition to burning fat, consuming a protein-enriched diet will help you rebuild muscle after work outs and maintain leanness of that muscle. Wisely choose proteins for your diet. Take great care to pick proteins low in fat so you do not consume extra calories.

  9. Respond P said :

    Little Tricks To Help You Lose Weight Fast

    Yeah we all know that we are supposed to cut calories, do cardio and hit the gym to get in shape, but there are lots of little tricks you shouldn’t ignore if you want to slim down quick.

    Take The Stairs Taking the stairs instead of the elevator every day can help you burn some extra calories. It may not seem like a lot but it adds up. Over a period of a year, taking the stairs can burn off an extra five lbs. of fat.


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