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what exercises should my girlfriend do to lose body fat safely and quickly?

well my girlfriend just had our daughter about 6 months ago and she has been doing everything from diet pills to crash diets exercising and eating healthy and is getting very discouraged because she isn’t seeing any results please help i don’t like to see her like this i need to know what she can do to lose weight and burn fat quickly and get off those stupid crash diets

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22 Responses to “what exercises should my girlfriend do to lose body fat safely and quickly?”

  1. baylybop10 said :

    buy a wii and a wii fit ive lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks

  2. Cassie31 said :


  3. Soccermike11 said :

    Well drink nothing but water, eat fruits/yogurt some meats, and RUN, you will get nothing but results from running, start out jog until winded, walk, continue etc and you will pick up pace. Trust me.

  4. Peaches said :

    my aunt lose her body fat by walking 30 minutes a day and not eating after 7 p.m. ^^ for 4 weeks…^^

  5. Javier P said :


  6. YYZ said :


  7. Cess said :

    dont eat. it works great

  8. tacojrlazydays2006 said :

    Just do a lot of runnning and eat less. Yes diet pills help you to loose weight but you must take the dose right. No too less nor much.

  9. jenna g said :

    she needs to try breast feedin beacuse it hepls u lose weight really fast but also she should try swimming because it works every muscle in ur body so it would help her alot hope this helps byezzz! good luck wit ur baby!

  10. A P 3 K S H A said :

    still be on a diet
    and buy a wii fit
    excersize every morning by running around the neighborhood twice

  11. jesssuhh said :

    OMG! NO! your girlfriend should REALLY TRY HIP-HOP ABS! if you cant afford it look on youtube or something! OMG the moves are so intense and really fast and fun! its cardio and somewhat yoga and pillates at the same time! she should really try it! And she can eat and eat and just dance her fat away by doing HIP-HOP ABS!

  12. Adam B said :

    i would try and get a wii or get her a job where u have to walk alot that will be koll but i really depands on her srry man

    i hope this helps(or u could go to a thripist sports rehad they make u extrsize a lot trust me i know) Im a soccer dud

  13. escher said :

    Crash diets and diet pills will make her fatter in the long run. If she is exercising and eating healthy, she may be doing the wrong kind of exercise and eating too much. She should ask her doctor for a diet plan, or look one up on line for her weight and goal weight. Something like a 1200 calorie per day diet is common. She needs to be getting cardiovascular exercise. Translation, burn more calories than you consume. The funnest thing I’ve found is Tai-Bo. Low impact, fun. If this doesn’t interest her, she needs to just find the one that does. There are a lot of great exercise tapes out there. I wish her luck!!

  14. bigredone_bigindian said :

    It’s not what you eat, but how much you eat. I’m not saying don’t watch what you eat, but cut back on how much you eat. I cut out 90% of my sugars, cut my intake and walked a lot and lost a126lbs in a year! To much water will help keep that weight on!

  15. CHRISSY B said :

    Look I know how people say that crunches don’t work but they do. Take it from someone who used to go on crash diets until they tried exercises like crunches. It’s realy simple so try to get your gilfriend to try crunches. IT WILL WORK!!!!!

  16. kdt said :

    hi, well i know thats hard as i too am trying to lose weight after having a baby! the best thing i have hurd is “you didnt put the weight on overnight, your not going to lose it overnight” i think the best way is not crash diets cause as soon as you start eating normal your body will take in more fat… whats best is to workout everyouther day….like here is a plan to try:
    mon. a walk, jog or run
    tues. pilaties
    wed.a walk, jog or run
    thurs. pilaties
    and so on ….. mix it up like that and make sure to work out the tummy area to tone up that baby flab! its ok, tell her intime it will happen….

  17. Charles Smith said :

    Bro NO CRASH DIETS! MAKE HER STOP THAT. Get her to jog 20 mins then do sit-up or crunches. after that weight lifting for reps lets say 10 pounds 50-75 times each arm. every other day or everyday. eat normal food portions. in 1-2 months she will see good results… losing weight fast hurts your body and leaves excess skin

  18. donna d said :

    pilates tell her to try the windsor pilates tapes buns of steal.

  19. SirWilliam said :

    …have here get her heart rate up for 20 min, 3 X a week and cut the food intake…especially carbs. and fatty stuff… that will do it.

  20. Patty P said :

    Only way to burn fat and lose weight is to increase your metabolism. (Bring your furnace up) Exercise daily (cardio) like running/walking fast and watch what you eat. Portion control also helps
    Nothing to eat after 7pm.

  21. Cal said :

    She should avoid crash diets as that will only confuse her body into potentially storing more fat. I would suggest cutting WAY back on simple carbs (white bread, pasta, potatoes, white rice, anything made from dough and anything high in sugar or Fat – simply put, sugar turns to fat easily) and eat more veggies that are high in fiber, whole grains and lots of water (not soda/diet soda/juice). Try to substitute meat with fresh fish (steamed or baked), (baked or grilled)chicken breast or egg white omelet (adding veggies). This alone will help her lose weight…just make sure she is eating a balanced, smaller portioned diet!
    Add in either running, elliptical, treadmill, hiking or jogging for 45 min a day following up with exercising any specific area that needs attention (sit ups, leg lifts, squats etc.) for 3 reps of 10 to start and working up to 4 reps of 20. Begin and End the workout with stretching thoroughly so as to help keep muscles from cramping and ending up with a torn ligament (or something similar). Good Luck!

  22. JimmyQ said :

    You have to come up with some type of a reward system, this will help keep you motivated. One of the best things to do is make a contingency contract. Stating what you want to do, who will help you do it, and what do you get for doing it.

    Then also try to find a well balance diet program. My friend did this one diet program where the average weight lose is 7 pounds in 9 days. It might be the thing you are looking for, I know it’s well balanced. If you want e-mail me and I can tell you more about either of these.


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