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how can u lose fat all over your body quickly?

i go back to school in a month and a half and last year i got made fun of a lot for being fat, some people that were even fatter than me were popular, oh well i was wondering if there was any way to lose fat fast to avoid accusations and continue to levels of flurtation!!! How can i lose wait fast without using pills!

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3 Responses to “how can u lose fat all over your body quickly?”

  1. VIOLET said:

    the best way?
    Try a raw food diet including lots of green smoothies.
    Also, start yoga, walk everywhere and most importantly, love yourself.

  2. niteshift777 said:

    Just start excersizing a lot aerobics for 30 min. plus light resistance training and start drinking water. Just keep that heart rate up and the pounds will come off. Stay away from fattening foods such as candy fast food ice cream and chocolate. I know its going to be hard not to eat those but it will be worth once youve dropped your weight and as long as you keep excercizing you can have a chocoalte bar or a peice of cake just dont eat a ton of these things.

  3. Daniel K said:

    diet and exercise.

    diet – lots of fruits and veggies and lean protein. Cut out junk food, high fat foods, and sweets. Eat whole grains and drink lots of water.

    exercise – 6 days per week, alternating between strength training and cardio.

    I am following the Power 90 in home bootcamp and losing about 10 lbs per month while also building muscle. This is the best way to lose fat quickly.


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