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What is the best exercises to do at the gym to lose fat from my stomach and thighs?

I have gained a lot of weight in my stomach and my thighs. What is they best thing to do at the gym to lose weight from there really fast, and how long should I be doing the exercise?

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4 Responses to “What is the best exercises to do at the gym to lose fat from my stomach and thighs?”

  1. chiller said :

    If i were you, i would do crunches. I would also run a lot on the treadmill. You can also try a medicine ball. You should try this for a little less than a month. If it seems to be helping, continue to do this. If not, try another machine or ask someone who works there for their opinion.

  2. Baba said :

    Tread-mill and cycling is for your thighs. For your abs, there are many ways, but i recommend a simple one as below.

  3. aichausa said :

    Without question, running, cycling and swimming.

    At 110 pds of body weight, for an hour of running, a person burns just over 1000 calories–same with cycling, but you have to exercise this way as though someone is chasing you.

    Swimming comes in second burning just over 500 calories for a person weighing the same, doing this for an hour.

    Running, cycling an swimming are not only exercises for cardio, they tone your muscles as well.

    This is stuff you can do at the gym, but the running and cycling is more beneficial outside because it’s summer and it’s better for mind/body to breathe that fresh air.

    BTW: Crunches will only sculpt what’s underneath the fat, but the running/cycling/swimming (cardio) is what shaves off the fat so that you may enjoy and show off your abs. Everyone has abs, but not everyone can show them and the fat sitting on top is the reason why. Cardio, with tons of sweating, is the answer.

    Hope this helps.

  4. j3ssicah said :

    You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym. You could if you really wanted to. But for me, the best exercises for my thighs, butt, & tummy I can do right in my living room!

    Lay on your back and bend your knees(feet flat on the floor). Have your arms/hands flat by the sides of your body. Lift your pelvic area up > & HOLD. Back down, Up, down, up down, up, etc. This exercise can be done also if you put your feet up on an ottoman or a chair(it makes it harder, you feel it more) but do these on the floor first to warm up!

    Also, LUNGES & SQUATS are amazing. I swear by them.

    Swimming is also really good for all over exercise, a few laps a day is very good for your body, just like a 30min walk a day!

    So you don’t have to keep reading… go to

    they have a ton of exercises, click the link & scroll down.

    They also show exercises with GYM EQUIPMENT! is also great!

    good luck! =)


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