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How to lose some fat?

I’m actually pretty skinny. But I do have baby fat here and a get a little chubby at my stomach, leg, and thighs. What are some ways to lose some fat? Oh, and how do you get rid of love handles?
Give me suggestions I could do at home.
Please don’t suggest any hard diets, buying equipment, pills, or whatever. I’m still a teenager and I don’t wanna risk anything. So just exercises of any sort will do. Preferably things I could do at home (: Thanks in advanced!
Also, food suggestions.

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4 Responses to “How to lose some fat?”

  1. Bree said :

    If your pants aren’t to tight or to low, love handles won’t show. People who try to put themselves in pants to small because they don’t want to go up a size look heavier, even if your skinny, because it gives you love handles, and unless you have like no extra fat, which few people do, you don’t want low rise jeans, plus low rise jeans give you “butt cleavage” so yup.

    And diet pills are not good for you, people need to just eat right and exercise, don’t take the “easy way” because I have known many people who now have metabolism problems because they took pills. So when you are older you may have a harder time losing weight. And you need to nutrients from food, so don’t just drink water, that is not good either, you need to eat small portions about 5 small meals a day and exercise. Don’t drink soda (even diet) because it makes it harder to lose weight. Drink water and some fruit juice, count calories and eat a lot of veggies and if you eat fake meat instead of real meat they have less calories and fat.

  2. The Boss said :

    Drink water, nothing else. Do sit ups every morning and every night and you’ll look soo fine when it comes time for you to go to the beach. Eat whatever you want! If you limit yourself one day you’ll just go crazy and eat EVERYTHING. You just need to do situps some running and you’ll be fine. Water is the big thing though! Big results from it

  3. Catikus said :

    The person who talked about buying the right pants has an excellent point. I used to work in a store specializing in jeans and saw waaaaay too many people try to squeeze in the wrong size and or cut. Make sure you’re trying on a range of sizes cuts and styles.

    Start running. Nothing can target one area, but running burns fat quickly. All you need is some shoes and a sidewalk!

  4. Mitchell said :

    Jogging every morning.


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