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How long does it take to lose some extra fat with….?

…20 mins of cardio every day?

I’m not fat to just get that out of the way nor am I overweight, but I’d like to shave off a couple pounds so I can look more defined.

Also what exactly is a good regimen for losing weight? I’m 170 pounds and 5’7″ with most of it muscle. I’m thinking 20 mins of cardio, with eating 5 to 6 times a day and taking Hydroxycut as a supplement. Will that work?

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3 Responses to “How long does it take to lose some extra fat with….?”

  1. Kelly H said :

    here’s a really good website. I use it all the time:

    Click on “Weight loss calculator”

  2. teefah09 said :

    Whatever diet plan you go with, do not take hydroxycut. It is a supplement that does help you lose weight, except when you go off on the pill your weight rebounds twice as fast, making it way harder to lose weight again.

    No matter what you do, make sure you eat lots of veggies and drink tons of water (helps wash out toxins and jump start metabolism), Less carbs (pasta, rice), saturated fat, and salt. Eating food with lots of fiber also helps digestion in stomach and will make you feel full faster so that you dont overeat. THe most important thing is to never let your metabolism slow down. This way you can be constantly burning fat all day.

  3. Me C said :

    hmmmmmmmm…….lemmi see a pic of you and ill tell you if its worth it or if ur hot neways lol it shood take a few weeks if you do it the healthy way xx


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