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How long does it take for muscle to convert to fat loss in the body?

How long after building muscle in the body does muscle increase and fat decrease, also as far notices in body change how soon can you see change if you really do effective strength training?

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2 Responses to “How long does it take for muscle to convert to fat loss in the body?”

  1. salvador c said :

    okk well to start with fat doesnt turn into muscle… if you just lift wights and dont run or anything your gonna end up looking like those ppl who play football and are on deffense line.. there strong as hell but there big… if you really wanna look good and cut you have to have a plan and have to make sure to jog for a long time and lift wights at the same time… you could do upper body one day from hips up and the next day run and do lower body that way you give upper body 48hr to recover which is what is recomended to heal the muscle back even stronger… i did that for 18 weeks and went from 140 to 185 pure muscle so i went from squating 135 to 225 which is amazing in my point of view i also went from lifting 110 to 155 which is also good…… but you should start seeing results about 3 weeks into it if your doing it right… other ppl might not see it but you will… message me if you want more help with this
    ID [email protected]
    =) peace

  2. Nicholas Cage said :

    60 seconds.

    I can bench 980 and squat 1850


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