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how long would it take to have your body shut down when…?

I have a family member who I believe has Impacted bowel…She hasnt had a stool in FOREVER and she is loosing weight quickly and has bad gas and her stomach always has sharp pains..But the thing is she thinks she’s fine and wont go to the doctor plus she doesnt have insurance……i heard if she doesnt get treatment she could die…i know this is wrong to say but how long would it take for her body to shut down…if this has been going on for about a year?

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3 Responses to “how long would it take to have your body shut down when…?”

  1. Kat said:

    if that’s is what is wrong with her yes one can die.. the bowel can back up and it is poison if it gets into her system..she better get to Dr.. the alternative is worse. good luck

  2. HOPLITE2501 said:

    Your family member requires the professional advice from someone in the medical field – do not delay for the problem will not resolve itself on it’s own ! Good luck !

  3. Jennifer Y said:

    Yes that is very bad not only for her system but it is bad for her liver and it is bad for all the other organs that go from there. They all put waste in to the bowels and if you hold that in your system it is just like you are asking for trouble.
    She needs to take a good fiber additive. They now have some that can be added to your food and it will keep things going really well. Plus the gas could be from what she is eating. I know if I have ice cream it will cause the most awful gas and tons of it. So you kind of have to watch what you eat and how much. But the fiber will help. The weight lose is a whole new ball of wax. There are medical missions that will help . You can get medical care and with very little to no charge. So there are ways of getting care and all she has to do it try it everyone has to do it if they really want to get the care there body needs. And you are very kind to worry about this person. But that person has to do what is best for her you can not do it for her. But good luck anyway.

    Southern Momma


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