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If you starve yourself how long will it take to see fat loss?

like inches around your waist

I AM NOT GOING TO DO THIS!!! My friend is because she thinks she can lose fat fast and i told her it will all be water weight.



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14 Responses to “If you starve yourself how long will it take to see fat loss?”

  1. gloria_512 said :

    A long time, since when you stop eating, your body shuts down to preserve and protect itself, and will burn muscle tissue first.

  2. ducky said :

    Not only it is going to be water loss,but also muscle loss.Fat? I don’t think so.It needs a lot of exercise and a very healthy diet to see results!

  3. ♥USMCwife♥ said :

    It’ll take longer than exercising and eating right. First off if you starve yourself, muscle will turn into fat and then you will start to burn off that fat. So you may loose weight but you’ll look heavier for a long time. I used to be anorexic and it took me atleast a year to look thinner like so you could notice. Tell her don’t do it♥

  4. smartypants909 said :

    You won’t see any fat loss. When you starve yourself, the body will take the nutrients it is not getting from your body, like calcium from your teeth and bones. Any fat your body already has, it will store for the future, and you will not see any fat loss.

  5. Sue P said :

    If your friend starves herself she will immediately see water loss- which should not be confused with fat loss. She may lose weight at first because of the calorie deficit but she will not only be losing weight but she will be losing muscle mass. The result of this will be a messed up metabolism and when she does resume eating again (which she will because it’s impossible to keep this up) her body will cling to every calorie she puts in her mouth because of it’s deprived state.

    So you can tell her she will see the weight gain of all the weight she lost and then some faster then she will see fat loss from starving herself.

    You are a good friend to look out for her and keep her from hurting herself.

  6. snorkelman_37 said :

    Here is something that has worked for me:

    Have 1 good meal a day.. include all four food groups in that meal — meat, veggies, salads, and carbs.

    8 hours later or so — have a very small bite again if you get hungry. Maybe a yogurt or something small like that.

    You’ll lose a pound a day and it will be easier than you think if you keep up .

    You can also choose what you eat during that 1 meal a day too.. it doesn’t have to have all the 4 things in it either, but at least 2 will work as well.

  7. Maggie said :

    Then why ask?

  8. Lilia said :

    tell her it will not work. doing that crash diet will send her to the ER for a few months.

    tell her to do 20 mins of dancing a day and drink 1 glass of water per hour. my cousin lost nearly 4 ibs in her first week and 5 ibs in her second week and then she quit because she got tired of going to the toilet every time!

  9. londonhawk said :

    This could cause your blood sugar levels to drop significantly, which could lead to coma or death. Starving yourself will not create a desired “weight loss”.

  10. thegreatkurtis said :

    to long.

  11. Michael E said :

    Disclaimer: I am not an expert. I am someone who has struggled with my weight all my life.


    The truth is, she will lose fat. She’ll lose it very quickly. It won’t all be water weight.

    However, you are right that it won’t be healthy. In addition to nutritional problems and the possibility of becoming anorexic, her metabolism will slow down and when she does eat again she will build more fat stores than she would have otherwise.

    It also sounds like she is a young woman. Her body is going through a period of rapid change and development. This would be a terrible time to deprive herself of important nutrients.

    Lastly, it’s way easier to excercise a lot than it is to not eat, at least in my opinion. Tell your friend to walk two hours a day and not eat any more than she does now. The inches will melt off, and she’ll be healthier for it.

    Better yet, don’t tell her to do it. Go walk with her.

  12. steph said :

    The above answers about losing muscle are right, not only that but starving yourself and crash dieting also causes your metabolism to slow down, so when you start to eat again you will not burn calories as quickly. Starving yourself leads to all kinds of problems with teeth and bones later in life. And as far as losing weight fast, it does not work. I was anorexic/ bulimic when I was younger and you do not loose weight quickly. The best way to loose weight is to train yourself to eat healthy and to cut out the junk food. Watch calorie and fat intake and get at least an hour of exercise at least five days a week. Good Luck to your “friend”.

  13. Tiffany said :

    Not something I’m proud of but a couple years ago when I was 16 I ate 50 calories a day and exercised to the extreme daily I played tennis for 90 minutes, walked for 30 minutes climbed the stairs in my house for 30 and did I did several reps of push up and sit ups. In one month I lost 30 lbs. No one could believe it because it seemed so impossible and unreal, my doctor was shocked he said to me,”there’s no way a person could lose 30lbs in one month, not even if they cut out their stomach”, but anyway I ended in the hospital for malnutrition, temp. hypoglycemic, blood cells screwed up, and low hypertension levels…. so when you think about it wasn’t worth it because I wasn’t able to enjoy the weight id lost I and shortly after I ended up putting it all back on, but I’ve lived and learned how to properly lose weight and I’m happily now at 150 lbs at 5’9

  14. TgrLilian said :

    There is something called SERE school. It is where pilots go for POW training. In that week they are only able to eat whatever they catch, which can be lizards, snakes, and plants. They are lucky if they are able to eat an animal. Anyhow, they hardly eat but drink lots of water. In addition, they hardly sleep, but the average guy will lose 15lbs in that week. Keep in mind too that men can lose weight faster than women. One thing you friend needs to know is that “if she can lose the weight that fast she can also gain it just as fast.” Her body will go into starvation mode and actually try to hold on to the fat and she will lose muscle. It is better for her to eat right and exercise. At the most, she should aim for losing a pound a week. The longer it takes the better, because all the meanwhile she will be developing healthy habits that will stick with her. It only takes a person 21 days to make a habit and that is what she needs to keep the weight off. Otherwise her whole life she willl deal with yo-yo dieting and she will never get the results she wants.


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