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how long until i should see fat loss results?? please help

ive been working out and eating healthy for a week now (literally exercising every day)

the scale says i have dropped some pounds, but when i look in the mirror i cant notice any fat loss at all

is this normal??

please help


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4 Responses to “how long until i should see fat loss results?? please help”

  1. Cara B said :

    Yes! Sometimes it takes a while to see yourself differently,One day you might look in the mirror and see a big difference. Other people may notice sooner than you!

  2. ballerina_dancer017 said :

    Just be patient is the best answer I can give you. If it helps, go ahead and take a before picture in a generic looking pose in fitness clothing. Keep doing that once a week, at the same time, in the same clothing.

    Even if you don’t notice the change, as long as you keep up that healthy lifestyle, your clothes will start feeling looser, and those pictures will show you what’s changed about you. Taking measurements is also a great way to watch your progress. It’s hard to tell that you ARE improving when you’re gaining muscle and the scale won’t go down. It’s just about keeping track of it. Give it 3-4weeks, and you will notice a difference for sure =)

    Good luck!

  3. Sai2301 said :

    of course you cant see anything if its just a few pounds…rest a day weekly…your muscles deserve a break

  4. Nikiki said :

    keep a notebook with your weight and the measurements of your thighs, waist and arms each week. its really hard to see the small changes in yourself, you see yourself in the mirror everyday so you wont notice till your clothes start feeling looser. This can be discouraging so keeping the notebook will be proof for yourself that you are making progress.

    Also you said you’re excersising every day, I’d recommend taking 1-2 days off a week or you may get burned out!


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