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How does detoxing cause weight loss? Does it take fat off?

Does detoxing just remove excess water and crap from your intestines? What about fat?

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4 Responses to “How does detoxing cause weight loss? Does it take fat off?”

  1. CommonSense said:

    It removed all bad toxins, chemicals, etc… from your body. The lack of calories you eat during that “diet” causes the weight loss.

  2. nathalie a said:

    most likely it causes you to stop eating junk food, excess fats, refined sugars, and other things that make you fat or bloated
    it is supposed to help remove toxins from you system

  3. nonetheless said:

    There is no scientific evidence that detox diets really detoxify your body, they are just a fad diets. The reason why you lose weight is because when you are on them you consume less calories than you normally would on a regular diet.

  4. Sarah K said:

    There’s no real need for “detoxing” – most nutritionists suggest this is just a fad. It works because you are taking in more fluids which promotes healthy skin tone and weight loss. You are also lowering your sodium intake which will lead to some water weight loss. In addition, if there is a fiber component you might get your “system going” if you have been a little backed up. Many detoxing programs are also very low calorie so you lose some weight from that as well. But in normal healthy adults our bodies do a fine job detoxing themselves so you don’t need to go on a specific detoxing ritual.


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