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Does loosing body fat cause weight loss?

I know lower body fat means more muscle, but does loosing it cause any weight loss?

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5 Responses to “Does loosing body fat cause weight loss?”

  1. KYGrace said :


  2. Sammie said :

    If you’re exercising, then you can gain muscle mass when your fat converts to muscle. (example: body builder drinking protein shakes and working out = muscle mass = gain weight)

    You have to eat enough, or more than enough though! So it depends.

    If you’re having dietary problems (not enough nutrients, etc) while exercising, you can definitely lose body fat. (example: starving anorexic losing weight)

  3. Paul Z said :

    yes, it does. fat takes up more room then muscle, but muscle is youll be lean.

  4. : ) said :

    It depends if you are replacing fat with muscle or not.

  5. Nick R said :

    yes, of course as long as your not gaining musle also.

    remember the saying.–muscle weighs twice as much as fat


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