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How would someone get rid of excess body fat after weight loss?

after losing alot of weight my best friend needs to firm up. Especially her stomach. She has lost alot of weight and would look amazing if she did not have that “hanging” stomach. Is it possible to get rid of it all together or should she do lypo?

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3 Responses to “How would someone get rid of excess body fat after weight loss?”

  1. truesayokay9 said :

    yes it’s definitely possible. i went through the same thing. all she has to do is be dedicated. working out and a healthy diet. Crunches, running, leg lifts should help her with her stomach and legs. She should also do a few reps of lifting with 5 pound weights. Don’t exceed 5 pounds though because the 5 pounds should give her enough muscle for her arm to be firm but not too muscley.

  2. Elias said :

    The free Science of Fat DVD explains how the brain and body
    regulate weight and why some people are hefty while others
    are lean.

  3. Country girl said :

    The hanging stomach is loose skin not fat. When you are heavy your skin stretches so when you lose the weight the skin hangs loose. She may have to have some of the excess skin surgically removed by a plastic surgeon. You can tone up the stomach muscles but stretched skin will stay stretched.


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